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Can someone please explain to me what customs and values white people have that minorities don't?

Asked by Pandora (28143points) April 18th, 2019

“Nearly half of white Americans say nonwhite majority would ‘weaken American customs and values,” This is from The Hill: publication. So my question is what are these customs and values that we don’t share and what makes them believe that all minorities don’t share them?

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White people have about as many customs and values as any other peoples of any other race, and may differ in many ways from other races, including even unto themselves.

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We don’t kill our women for dating outside their religion or skin color.

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We don’t kill our girls for pursuing an education.

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“We don’t kill our women for dating outside their religion or skin color.”

@Patty_Melt Do you have evidence that this is something people of color do?

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White people assume other white people are innocent unless convicted at trial.

White people assume a white person in a strange neighborhood must have a good reason for being there.

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“Nearly half of white Americans say nonwhite majority would ‘weaken American customs and values,”

This is a racist thought. Half of Americans suck.

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“We don’t kill our women for dating outside their religion or skin color.”

Yeah, we only kill the women when they refuse to date someone. If they date outside their race, we just kill the men instead.

“We don’t kill our girls for pursuing an education.”

Nope, we just harass them for pursuing certain educational and career opportunities instead. Not quite as bad, but still not a mark of supremacy.

But the real problem with your responses, as @Stache has already pointed out, is that you are ascribing these behaviors to all non-whites (since that is what the question is about) despite the fact that you were probably inspired by the behaviors of a specific group (and, if it’s the group I suspect it is, not all of them are even non-white).

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@Patty_Melt We don’t kill our girls for pursuing an education., Nor do a lot of other minorities. We don’t kill our women for dating outside their religion or skin color., I think you need to look in the past. There was a time when a white woman may have been almost beaten to death for dating or getting pregnant with a black mans child. But usually it was the black man that was killed. But last I checked, a lot of minorities don’t do that either. You are picking on a faith or custom that many people in this country do not do once they move here. There are millions of minorities who see this as criminal or who fled those places where it is practiced to come here and be free of these horrible crimes.

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@Irukandji I really just want to know. I have heard these things said by white nationalist, and I often wonder how do they see minorities so different in the United States. Many of us have the same ideas. A crime is a crime and many of us born here end up celebrating the same holidays as most of American and those who don’t ascribe to certain celebrations, still take those holiday days off, because it doesn’t matter to them. I don’t care if on Christmas, you have a Christmas tree , or put candles on your window or don’t do any of it. That’s the wonder of America.
Everyone gets to be what they want to be so long as your aspiration isn’t to be a criminal. But every race loves their children or should. Everyrace has their own little ways to celebrate things and that’s okay, so long as it hurts no one.
Living next to a Muslim isn’t going to change who you are any more than living next to a latino or a black person will change you.
But we all have the same common goal. To be happy. To love, to be loved. To be able to provide for ourselves and our families. To live in a safe place. I see more commonality then I see differences.
But I ask the question because I suspect people make this quick answer and never really know what they mean when they say different culture and different values.

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I never said all persons of color believe in doing those things, but a great many do, and lots of them bring those beliefs here. When they get caught, they try to use the defense, this is our custom.

By the way, I never said I support the publication. I simply answered the question.
In fact, part of my ancestry is native American, and those ancestors were persons of color. White people came to this land with customs and beliefs we did not support, but did that matter? No. My people were forced to conform to customs abhorrent to them.

I am not going to argue the wisdom or stupidity of the publication with anyone. I simply provided an honest answer to the question.

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@Patty_Melt Thank you for the clarification. But I still wonder what are these White American customs and values that are different. There are swedish customs, german customs, irish customs, italian customs, and french and english customs that make ups the white race. So even among white people, there are dozens of different customs that has not all been adopted by every white person. So I want to know, what custom is exclusive to white Americans that other non-white cultures never share in the US?

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“So my question is what are these customs and values that we don’t share”


“what makes them believe that all minorities don’t share them?”


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Speaking personally as an average semi-conservative white dude living in the suburban south… I can say that culture that forces women to be covered head to toe and forbids them from basic acts such as driving, that have a death penalty for being gay and hate America would certainly ” weaken American values” Minorities who come from that culture who don’t support that culture are welcome though. They’re refugees in my mind and they actually strengthen our culture. As far as weakening “white culture” A.K.A. “european culture” I think it would so you can put me in that 50%. I also don’t care and think that it would be fine to do so. I prefer a cultural melting pot provided we can filter out certain regressive elements.

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Apparently “minority” now = “Muslim”.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me White nationalist have created games about killing gay people and feminist. It’s all about ethnic cleansing. (created for whites by whites) So I think that is far more harmful to society. But yes, radical muslim who come here with the intention of undermining our society, should be kicked out of our country. Along with any american who arises to power through hate speeches and fear mongering, wishes to harm a group or gender because they feel superior to them instead of judging individuals and not whole groups.

As far as women choosing to follow their faith as they see fit (again, so long as no one gets hurt), it is up to them.

As a woman, I hate that women cover themselves up as if being born a woman is something to be ashamed of because men will be tempted.( Plenty women get raped whether they are covered or not, young or old then it seems being covered doesn’t help that situation. What would help is men being raised to with respect and being punished severely for these crimes, no matter ones faith.) But as an American, American only works by including everyone and sharing ideas. That is the only way you can come to an understanding and co-exist in peace

Racism has no place in a civil society. If we do not practice what we preach about tolerance then we are hypocrites and that is what will crumble our society. Racism is the bigger threat to our country and democracy. And I will also add that it’s not exclusive to any group. Every group and faith has it’s racists, and those are the ones we should all be against as a society. Those are the ones we should always fear rising to power.

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@Pandora I think white nationalists are detrimental to American culture as well, I’d say they are to “European” culture in America too even though they claim to want to preserve it. I wouldn’t call them anything other than what they are: a violent, hateful gang of prick losers. Compared to others though, they are a minority. They don’t represent “white people” they are a reminder that europeans have darker elements just like every other ethnic group does. It’s those dark elements that should not be welcomed here.

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- Eating potato salad
– Bagels
– Shopping at Talbot’s
– Zumba class (a roomful of white women gyrating to Latin music)
– Baseball
– Watching “Friends” and “Frasier” while channel-surfing
– Naming sons Travis, Declan, and Conor
– Naming daughters Ashley and Amanda
– Applying sunscreen
– Spending $5K on winter sports gear
– Not knowing family names back more than 2 generations
– Eschewing extended family, because everyone should die isolated and lonesome

That’s white culture. It’s precious, indeed, and worthy of adulation.

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@Pandora Please know every Q about any sort of existance and definition of white culture covers has ended in personal attacks and namecalling. Those past threads had some interesting comments and insights that may help answer your question.

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WTH? What does skin color have to do with anything? People aren’t born with certain values or cultural norms because of the color of their skin. Sure groups and even countries have cultural norms, but move the person out of that culture and they begin to adjust, their kids even more, they assimilate, ESPECIALLY IN AMERICA. America is very good at assimilating people, you just have to be patient through the first and second generation born here.

Also, you would be shocked how similar people are around the world. I was raised Jewish in the northeastern part of America. My husband was raised Catholic in Mexico. We are very similar culturally, our religious beliefs, and how we think about the world. His family is a little more “different” than my family, not very much though, and the difference mostly has to do with education and family customs, but it is nothing drastic. Where I grew up was very diverse, and I really don’t see us as very culturally diverse. Different holidays and traditions maybe, but values are basically similar, and my friends (or their parents) came to America to live in America, they sought to be here, and they like Americans, and they are grateful.

I would never use the term, but if you want to call America values white values, many people of many different colors have the same values. I would rather call it American culture, and leave race out of it. What about the blonde, blue eyed, Muslim guy from a Middle East country, is he white enough? It is not like all Arab Muslims have dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair. It’s ridiculous. My Arab-American friends, my Hispanic Catholic friends, my Arab Catholic friends, my Person Muslim friends, are not any different than any of my other friends if they were raised here.

I firmly believe if we accept people they will want to assimilate. Treat them as outsiders and they will be. You get what you give.

I believe there is a balance between clinging to old customs and taking on the customs of a new country. The majority of people find that balance.

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@Love_my_doggie ”– Baseball”

Uhh, have you seen an MLB game recently*?

(*By “recently” I mean within the last few decades.)

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@KNOWITALL I’m aware. But my point is that I believe people merely repeat these points without really knowing what they are referring too. If these people who believed this really sat down to think about what they are saying, (instead of just parroting what they hear), they would see they aren’t really defending any culture or values. They are simply parroting what fear mongers have said without any real insight.

There are 4 things I learned to make when I first started cooking. White rice, potato salad, Thanksgiving turkey with all the American dishes and a twist on the stuffing, and lasagna. Rice probably started in China, Potato was discovered in South America by the spaniards and the Germans created the potato salad, Turkey is the one true American bird so it’s fitting that it is part of our culture. Stuffing comes from a dish call Kush that was made with cornbread and cooked by African Slaves. , lasagna came of course from Italy.

My point is our culture is already blended. That is part of our culture. Like when people say they don’t want a socialist country but haven’t figured out we already have a ton of socialist programs. Our taxes pay for them so we may all either directly or indirectly benefit from them.

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I agree.


I think that game where a flat, black disk is attacked with sticks, aka honkey, would be a more likely activity for your entries.

Otherwise, it’s an excellent list.

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The Pew Research Center surveyed 2,524 U.S. adults between Dec. 11 and Dec. 23. The results have a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.

99.3% of respondents were incapable of defining what the margin of error means, or identify the values and customs affected by the hypothesis.

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@Brian1946 You’re certainly right about ice hockey.

Since 1993, the husband and I have had full (81 games) season tickets at a MLB stadium in a heavily African American city. Let’s just say that minority fans are present, but they’re distinctly, well, minority.

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Water skiing, diving, hang gliding, and winter downhill skiing. There’s so much white on the ski slopes you can’t tell where the snow ends and the people begin.

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@LuckyGuy My son goes skiing in Korea and Japan and he’s usually the only American there with a few Europeans there.. So definitely not a white thing only. It does tend to be an activity however that mostly people with money can afford. And it is also natural to people who live in northern regions. Most of those regions are predominantly white. That is one thing that I’m pretty sure is on no races radar.

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@Pinguidchance Funny and sad all at the same time

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White people go to the cottage.

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@Pandora Great points. I remember when I realized everyone eats tacos now like it’s American food. Taco Tuesday to me puts tacos in The American category of pizza and Hot Dogs. People are going to forget tacos were Mexican before they were American.

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Amateur radio enthusiasts are ALL old, white guys. (Even if they are young and/or female )

73 OM.

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White people, black people, colored people, etc. — these are all made up terms not directly linked to heritage or traditions.

Traditions are more linked to geography, country/region/town if origin, family name, etc.

The idea of “White Traditions” smells to me like idiots being threatened by the existence of “the other”.

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Cross & church burnings, lynchings, and while you may not kill your women for dating outside their race , let’s discuss what consequences of “white customs” might well befall those lucky dates.

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