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What would you think of Convict Jeopardy?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28019points) April 23rd, 2019

There have been different variations on the TV show Jeopardy in the past – Celebrity Jeopardy, High School Jeopardy, Senior Jeopardy, and so on.

Is it time for something like “Convict Jeopardy” where all the contestants are in prison?

Are there any variations that would be interesting?

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The variation I would want would be one where they drop the conceit of giving a question that would have the listed answer (even though it is almost never actually a question that would really be answered that way). That drives me mad.

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Instead of money they win days off their sentence.
Nah, that wouldn’t be fair to the public. Cigarettes. Could you imagine a con winning 30,000 cigs?

How about blonde Jeopardy. No words used over five letters long.

They’ve never had deaf Jeopardy.

Bring your favorite pet Jeopardy?

I liked when they did AI Jeopardy.

When my daughter was eight, she answered a question and none of the contestants even rang in on it. The clue was, this is the only place where lemurs are indigenous.

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Blond Jeopardy – @Patty_Melt – I love it!!

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Wow!~ That would be way up the scale equal to Wheel of Fortune!

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Convicts should be treated humanely but they shouldn’t be made into celebrities.

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Winner becomes president.
Last place becomes vice president.

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How about political leader Jeopardy? Trump claims to be “a stable genius”. How well do you think he would do, considering that the last book that he read was probably Fun With Dick and Jane?

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@LostInParadise Trump would never play, for fear that it would be revealed just how ignorant he is.

“I’ll take Mueller Report for 600, Alex”.

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We were having fun.

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