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Has anyone here dealt with a hiatal hernia?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41810points) April 25th, 2019

Did you have surgery?
Was recovery difficult? Doc says about a week to recover.
What were some of the side effects of the hernia?

BTW, I’ve been to the doc, and we’re in the process of scheduling surgery. I just wanted to see what someone elses experience has been.

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My dad has had one since I can remember. He takes Prilosec for it. He also gets scoped every 5 or 10 years (I don’t remember) to check for disease or cancer. He never had surgery for it. I don’t know if surgery was ever suggested.

My dad is very overweight. Now and then he gets his weight down. Supposedly, being overweight makes it worse, but I don’t know if he say any difference when he was down 50 pounds.

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Some are worse than others.

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Definitely. The surgery is warranted in some cases. I personally would try everything else before doing surgery, but I’d guess you have done that.

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