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Is the government blocking you from starting a business?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24660points) April 27th, 2019

Any thing from a $15 minimum wage to endless paperwork and policies?
What business would you start if you where permitted to do what ever you wanted?
Humor welcome.
Is it for the best?
For example you can’t start surgery or sell cakes without a licence or permit.

Also what jobs can one do without a licence? Like shoveling snow ect..

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In Florida you actually can sell cakes without a license made in your home. You have to mark the packaging with “Made in a cottage food operation that is not subject to Florida’s food safety regulations.” Only certain foods are permitted for sake in this way. I don’t know if this is allowed in all 50 states and DC, but I know more than FL has this type of law.

Nothing is really stopping me from opening a business except my own laziness or more than anything being risk aversive. Risking investment money, or risking any liability if I screw something up for a customer.

If I started a business it would start with just me as an employee probably, maybe my husband too, so at the start wages wouldn’t be a problem. Business license is fairly cheap. If I have to charge sales tax, filing that is a pain, but I did it for my previous business. If I want to set up a corporation or LLC it’s not extremely expensive, but it is stressful for me any time I need to worry about doing things right for the government. I’m a rule follower, and I don’t want to worry about being compliant, it stresses me out. When I had questions the local government was always very helpful, which I was grateful for.

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I would run a smash room. For fun and profit.

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Honestly, the business license is about the least expensive aspect of starting up a business. In some jurisdictions it can run as low as $50. Shit, I pay that much just to have my lawn mowed each month.

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Cleaning up dog waste requires a DBA (Doing Business As, a fictitious name) filed with both county and state here in Idaho. No license, no sales tax to collect.

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No. If anything they were too helpful. They were too helpful in helping me buy a house too.》_《

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I have to answer the reverse of your question. My son was laid off when his employer lost their contract. He started up his own business installing security cameras. The SBA helped him with the paperwork on all levels of licensing. Last year, and this year, he has received/applied for the government relief money, and his business is thriving.

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