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I want to know if this simulated boxing product is made already (details inside)?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24660points) April 27th, 2019

My next flavor of the month is buying a slam man with psi (pounds per square inch) scores for a simulated boxing match hooked up to a wii. Has it been invented yet? I don’t want to spend years starting my own business. I would like to buy a punching bag with sensors and a wii to make an accurate simulation of a boxing match without getting hurt.

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No, but if you get funding, and pay me for my time, I’ll help you design and build it.

However I’ll say up front that it’s a nearly-impossible request to make an actually accurate Wii simulation of boxing, as the controls are not accurate enough, and the interface would only let you make some sort of approximate simulation that would somehow correspond to what the player was doing by making a lot of generous interpretations.

Most Wii games do this even with their arcade games – they just detect when the user made a swipe and then very generously interpret that as a canned attack by the player’s character in the game.

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It’s not a good simulation unless the wii can punch you back. Hard. In the face.

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That’s the Wonk upgrade for the Wii, coming soon…

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Check online and see if the idea has been patented and licensed.

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Is this what you have in mind? It came up in a Web search for wii boxing.

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Just get an old NES, a copy of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and a Power Glove.

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There already are VR boxing games.
You will need a VR headset, controllers, and a powerful PC.

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punching machine boxing

I would like to turn buy ,put on wish list, a punching machine boxing video game.

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