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Were there to be no adverse effects on health of being overweight, how much longer would someone live due to time dilation?

Asked by ragingloli (51997points) May 1st, 2019

As asked.

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I’m 20,000 years old, and a little bit overweight. So I would guess at least that.

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Well for one if by “no effects” no weight gain then depends on other factors such as wars,food and fresh water availability , overcrowding of the population etc Lots of other factors to consider.

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Luigi If not a job, how about a hobby? What sort of answer do you expect to a vague open ended question like this? Can’t you see from the outset that you’ve provided nothing regarding the extent and duration of the dilation? Forget about time dilation. It’s a needless red herring of an addition to a question that’s meaningless on its face. Were there no adverse health effects to being overweight, how long would a fat person live? See what I mean? Mama so fat, she has her own zip code.

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How long do you want to live? To the point where you’re just a blob of toothless flesh on a table with wires and tubes protruding from you? Is that living??

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