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Why should viewers be chastised for speaking publicly about a show they just watched?

Asked by Stache (4934points) May 6th, 2019 from iPhone

Spoilers! I’m not talking about those who walk out of a theater and ruin the movie for the next viewers. I’m speaking about those who have discussions on social media after watching a new release of a show or movie.

Why should we be quiet if you haven’t seen it yet? Why not stay off social media until you’ve watched what others have already seen? Why can’t we discuss what we just watched? Why is it our responsibility to worry about you?


I thought this topic was interesting. It’s something I heard today.

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I’m inclined to agree. But I don’t mind if I know the ending in advance or aspects of the basic plot. However, I know people to whom such things matter a great deal and I strive not to blow it for them.

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Discussing with others that have seen the movie is fine. Posting in such a way that others can’t avoid it is being a dick.

It’s like people who posted Snape Kills Dumbledore.

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It’s widely considered rude, inconsiderate, and clueless to post spoilers in public forums where people can and will see them before they realize they are about to see a spoiler for something they haven’t seen.

For many people, it messes with their ability to enjoy something if the plot has been told them, and if you broadcast spoilers in ways people can’t easily avoid, it’s spoiling that content for them without their consent.

(Some people DO stay off social media where they think there might be spoilers.)

No one is asking you not to discuss spoilers. We’re just asking you to post them in considerate ways, such as not putting the spoiling part in topic titles, and marking topic titles and/or posts with conspicuous spoiler warnings. (It’s like adding NSFW to the title of those types of posts.) People have even engineered spoiler tags to facilitate people writing posts that conceal the spoiler elements of a post unless the viewer clicks on them.

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Snape kills Dumbledore?
Might as well cancel that DVD collection now.

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Last weekend I was delayed at watching Endgame and Game Of Thrones. I had to take great precautions from not going on social media to avoiding reviews in the newspaper.
And screw anyone who enjoys giving spoilers.

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“Viewers” per seshouldn’t be chastised, butjerks who post spoilers without warning should, as they are, as @zenvelo so eloquently put it, pricks.

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Of course not. That is snowflake talk.

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I keep hearing about “spoilers.” What are they carrying on about? I have a feeling it’s about Game of Thrones or some other show that we don’t watch. Is it THAT important to some people?

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@Dutchess_III It is also about Avengers:Endgame. People saw it at the very first showing on the day it opened, then posted comments on Facebook and twitter.

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I just stay off of social media or set filters if I give a shit. On my geek list group we do say “spoilers” or “no spoilers” in the thread to be polite.

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@Dutchess_III It can be about any series or movie that people are very invested in.

I think it is only courteous to put “Spoiler Alert” in big bold letters before discussing an outcome or event in a show that others haven’t yet seen. After doing that, have at it.

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A friend of mine is an avid football fan and records the games so he can fast forward through the commercials. He stays off of all media until he watches the games so the score isn’t “spoiled” for him.

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Smart friend @chyna

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I agree. Just stay offline until you’ve seen the movie.

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That’s ridiculous @Stache.

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