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What are your goals for May?

Asked by ltoban (337points) May 11th, 2019

Have you jotted down your daily, weekly and monthly goals?

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To make it through without a mental breakdown.

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It’s a little late to be asking. Today’s the 11th. A third of the month is already gone.

Start thinking about your June goals – that’s my suggestion.

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To get through it alive.

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To lose another five pounds.

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To budget enough to not go hungry and to save $150.

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To make it to June.

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I have a lot to do the rest of May, but fortunately it’s all creative:

• Finish greeting card design
• Finish two tattoo designs
• Finish 2 pet portraits (drawings)

• Finish screenplay for my short film

• Finalize schedule for my drawing class I’m teaching a Michael’s.

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I have reading goals every month (4–5 books generally) and I’ve read two so far. I also have a number of hikes and bike rides I want to do and I’ve done a few (including a hike today). My goals are not huge but they give me something to look forward to.

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Survive my birthday with equanimity.

Drop five more pounds.

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Not worry too much even though there is enough reason to worry.

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Finally finish a large Cross stitch project that I started 9 years ago. Just have back stitching to do and then completed! ( basically outline in gold thread).
Go hiking more often now that Summer weather is occurring.
Keep adding to my savings acct and its adding up nicely..finally.
Transplant my indoor plants into larger plant pots.
Again start a “Jade” plant after the one that I had for several years a few years ago.( bought one yesterday to start again.
Bought a grafted cactus plant in full Sun in front of my living
room window.
Will go through storage room and clear out things that I have not touched for years.
Three quarters finished next photo project and will finish that off and self publish it.
“If” I have enough will upgrade DNA tests to Y-67 marker on my older brothers account that I administer to finally get answers on our family heritage as I hit a roadblock in 1600’s France.
Will upgrade DNA to Y-67 marker test for my son’s account to finally get somewhere in that family lineage as up to present day nothing further confirmed as to ancestors on that line?

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In honor of our fabulous First Lady I think I’ll Be Best.

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@elbanditoroso – The beauty about asking the question midway in May is to build an accountability system and keep the goals top of mind. Everyone needs a reminder every now and again.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Are you meeting your goal?

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@stanleybmanly You’re on your way!

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@rockfan You sound VERY CREATIVE! What do you like to draw? Animals? Landscape? Portraits?

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@Demosthenes What booking are you reading now?

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@mazingerz88 Things will be okay. They will work out! Let’s think positive!

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@Inspired_2write What is the cross-stitch design?

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@ltoban I will find out on May 28th when I get paid.

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@ltoban I’m reading Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier and Stoner by John Williams. Also have a few nonfiction titles in the queue.

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