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Tell me what you think about the following situation (if you like, watch the video, I'll describe it anyway)?

Asked by luigirovatti (2325points) May 12th, 2019

The couple are Lily, a South Korean woman and James, a Kenya man. They’re married, by the way. They make pranks on each other. Anyway, on one such prank, Lily has a stomach ache, then James calles his wife “I love you, JOANNA”. She immediately forgets her stomach ache and, amid events, James says:
“You see now, that better treatment for your tummy. I thought your stomach was upset.”
“My stomach was upset, I’m serious.”
“Now it’s better because of Joanna”.
“My upset stomach changed to upsetness in my brain”.
I’ll need to analyse more carefully the video, but anyway, it seems she doesn’t feel his pain for the duration of this prank. Of course, it’s not possible she didn’t feel it. Anyway, wanna explain?

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I tried to watch it. Too boring. Too long. By the time the prank started, I felt like the prank was on me. I waisted so much time watching it.

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I watched the thing for a while. I never got as far as whatever punch line there is. Luigi—how’s that job thing going? Do you have any hobbies?

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As you probably suspected, it’s mainly the internet, and watching movies and TV shows.

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Is English your first language? The point is that this is obviously a nice man. You can see that he is adored by both his wife and those cute little girls. But his immaturity gets the better of him if he believes it funny to play on the insecurities of his wife.

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