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Is this behavior normal for a kitten?

Asked by DispossessedX10 (59points) May 19th, 2019

My kitten keeps jumping about and attacking others with a flurry of bites and scratches as if its on Speed; the scratches draw blood but nothing serious. Anyway, according to a housemate, it is totally not normal for a kitten to behave like that and that he should know because the two kittens that he previously owned, ‘never did anything like that’ so therefore my cat has something wrong with him.

Is that so?

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Kittens play like that and it is a normal thing for them. I usually kept two in order that they can play together.

But when I had cats/kittens we didn’t cut there claws since they are very pliable still.Usually there claws get naturally cut back by allowing them to climb on tress etc.

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Cats play. Cats are also extremely predatory and even their playing is based on those predatory tendencies. Play time for a cat doubles as a way to hone their hunting instincts.

Your friend, frankly, is full of crap.

Meanwhile, you should get some cat toys for the kitty. Toy mice, a scratching post wouldn’t be a bad idea ether. And Kick Sticks are wonderful.

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Yes, kittens often act berserk.

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All cats are different just like all people are different.

The behavior that you describe sounds to me to be within the range of normal kitten behavior.

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Who could say what normal activity is for a kitten, or full grown cat? For proper socialization, kittens should be left with their mothers until they are at least 10 weeks old.

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Of course its normal. Cats are at the very apex of nature’s killing machines, and the behaviors you list are inherent in honing the skills of their trade. Even deprived of a mother to teach them, their instincts drive them to stalk, pounce, etc to wield, employ and sharpen those weapons. The kittens are merely playing the hand they’ve been dealt. You might get lucky, and bend them away from the intensity of their urge to kill as they mature, but they vary in their dispositions as much as we do.

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Normal kitten.

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It’s well within the normal range of behavior. Different kittens have different personalities, and go through various stages. Drawing blood and attacking everything is a fairly common one.

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