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What is your dream career?

Asked by MattxAmber (110points) August 25th, 2008

Just wondering.
I’m kinda bored, so I thought I’d ask random questions. :3

Mine is a cartoonist.

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ass sitter, that’s right, sitting on my ass, doing what i like while others do the work…

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lol, nice dream career.

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Executive chef for a high-end restaurant [but no working weekends and high pay], journalist and editor for a fashion magazine like Vogue [like in Ugly Betty], and artist/author on the side…totally impossible, but that’s my dream job!
More like jobS…

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Wrong site for boredom or random questions and imbecilic tags. Right site for being kinda intelligent, interesting and untwitlike.

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what’s up gail? Am I missing something?

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3D animation artist. I’m actual in college now making that dream happen.

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Dream job: Artist.

Actual jobs that I’d love, and may one day have (one or the other): Doctor or Engineer.

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Social worker.

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@Trudacia: Check the tags on that question. Suspicious, no? And there have been some others.

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And note the profile. He joined yesterday, and his fields of expertise are “really nothing.”

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@ gail, ah, I see. This seems to be happening a lot lately. I’ll have to pay attention to the signs in the future…Sad isn’t it? What the hell is going on around here?

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Nothing new. There are always trolls who seem to have the inclination to waste both their and our time. Google Pathology for answer-in-depth if you are really interested. Forever vigilant, I say.

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And the only person in her Fluther is NecroKing! How horrible!

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@flyaway; I missed that. Good for you and your sharp eyes.

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@Gail; It was no trouble. =)

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And you know, I could swear that I saw this picture and a similar username long before just one day ago…my guess is that they were banned and rejoined?

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Mayor of my hometown, should i ever go back.

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Work on a major hollywood film or working for ESPN

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I’m glad to know I’ve only been on this site for 2 days, and I’m already hated.

This is the first time I’ve EVER joined.

And, that picture, was never/should have never been posted on this site.

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See, I told you to give ‘em a chance.

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Apologies mattx, perhaps we are a little hyper-sensitive. If you are legit… Welcome!

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I’ve always wanted to do voices for cartoons. sigh…

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politician, maybe a congressmen or at least city council or schoolboard member, but not anything to high up.

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I want to become a Zoologist/wildlife biologist. I want to work up close and personal with big animals and get close to them and interact with them. I one day hope to have my own wildlife reserve. And help spread animal awareness.

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The dude who “auditions” the new girls in a brothel, or at an agency that handles adult film actresses.

August 26, 2008, 4:02 AM EDT

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I like the question. It’s been asked before here in which I couldn’t really decide myself. Still want to work in the nuclear industry, one more year until I can try and start the path towards a career in that industry :)

As for your tags, what on earth? Seriously, I don’t mind the question, even if it is because you are bored. But the tags? Sigh.

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A philanthropist

JackAdams's avatar

“A philanthropist?”

Doesn’t seem like much of a career, sitting around on your butt, collecting stamps all day.

August 26, 2008, 7:50 AM EDT

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Vice President of the United States

Judi's avatar

I thought a philanthropist gave away money? I even looked it up on to be sure I was spelling it right!

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Join the WWE!!!

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Judi; he was making a sorry attempt to segue to philatelist – (stamp collector).

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Same as Necro.

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@Judi: Oh! You’re right! My error.

I was thinking of a Fatalist.

August 26, 2008, 12:20 PM EDT

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I would also like to get a degree in anthropology.

JackAdams's avatar

ANThropology: The study of ANTs? LOL

August 26, 2008, 12:24 PM EDT

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LOL I feel happy today, I don’t know why.

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I am to gullible.

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You grow out of it :)

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I’m almost 50!

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Oh, If that is your picture in your avatar, then may I compliment that you look no less than in your 30’s :)

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We are such gentlemen.

NecroKing's avatar

Yes we are.

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I dunno, but your tags make it seem as though you have an interesting dream career yourself…

Topics: school, art, Kansas, sex, states, Texas, Missouri, angels, spanking, amber, criss????

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fashion designer :)

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Stop Motion Animator. I too am making my dream come true by going back to school – although the school is for animation and doesn’t do stop mo.

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Necro King;
I had to give you lurve for that one :-)

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I want to be a WWE superstar>

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Popular web-app programmer, like Ben.

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I want to be mentor

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I would love to be a visual effects artist! Im pretty good already :)

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I’m a kick ass artist.

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and I can kick ass

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NPR talk show host.

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a music producer

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or a dancer for janet jackson


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I already have my dream job; artist.

Now I need to find something to pay the bills.

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