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How to build and grow a non existing web analytics capability?

Asked by resay (5points) May 26th, 2019

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help answer the question: If a company has no great deal of capability or process in place for web analytics, what should be the plan of a web analyst in the first three months, to build and grow this capability?

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Outsource it to a firm that specializes in developing the website and providing data on it at the same time.

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Depends on what you want to measure, and what your technical skills and availability of your existing staff are. If they’re web programmers and have little else to do at the moment, and you know what you want to measure, they could add their own instrumentation to some parts of the site in the web programming themselves.

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First thing: sign up for a Google Analytics basic (free) account. Take the sample code and add it to all your pages, with the unique identifier they give you.

Once you have a month of statistics under your belt, check into the additional stuff they charge for. You may be happy with the free breakdowns.

There’s a reason why something like 95% of all US websites use Google Analytics.

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