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So any plans for labor day!

Asked by jkainz (115points) August 25th, 2008 from iPhone
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Spending a long weekend at my girlfriend’s place

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Making pizzas in order for other people to enjoy their Labor Days.

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Pizza Hut? I have so many stories from my days at Pizza Hut that I’m not even sure I can post here.

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I’m doing the same thing I do every year: Bumbershoot. Under “Music and Arts”, check out the “lineup and schedule”. It’s a wonderful three days that I look forward to all year.

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going to new Orleans to get away.

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@lefteh: So you work in a pizza place and on a political campaign? And go to school? When do you sleep? obviously not at night ;)

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I do not sleep.

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heyyy neither do I!!

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might you be a vampire? ;)

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psh vampires are so 1997

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werewolves are where it’s at now son!

Werewolves….is that how you spell it… Wait I have an idea

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Vegas Baby!

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I’ll be on a plane to New Zealand.

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