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Mmmm, is it so bad to ask a useless random question?

Asked by MattxAmber (110points) August 25th, 2008

Like, today, I asked two very pointless questions, and now I’m being not really harrassed, but sorta, I dunno, can’t really think of the word, I’ll go with Hated. I’m being hated, because they think I’m just some jerk, who was recently banned, and wants to irritate people with my useless questions. Is that so wrong? What, I mean is, is it so wrong to ask some pretty random, useless questions? I kinda think they’re are fun to answer, and if you hate the question, or think its dumb, then don’t click on it, don’t read it, and don’t respond to it. Isn’t that just easier?

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yes. Yes it is.

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No, I don’t mind random questions.

But seriously, you’ve got so many run-ons and commas it’s making my head hurt.

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I’m sorry. Wasn’t really paying attention to my writing. Just kinda Y’know, typing as I went.

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@MattxAmber: People just want to make sure that there is enough thought put into questions so they feel satisfied that it will be worth putting time into answering the question.

Please take a look at the guidelines, that should help you figure out the culture around here.

The “hating” is temporary. You’ll get used to the culture around here. I’m sorry if the collective was rude to you.

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@all: Note who is in Amber’s Fluther, and whose Fluther she is in. Curious, no?

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No, not to me…what one may find a useless random question, another will find it a not so useful question. I don’t understand who decides what a useful question is or isn’t. I guess it’s all in the eye and mind of the reader. If I find a question on Fluther not to my liking, I skip it and go on, I certainly wouldn’t harrass anyone because of it. The person who asked the question may have found it useful, where as I don’t. I don’t feel I have the right to tell someone, your question is useful,
Also, I am sorry you are being harrassed, I find that quite childish & immature and would ignore the person(s).
They have moderators on here, so I guess if it isn’t suitable for Fluther, they will be the ones to make the final decision. It isn’t my place.

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For someone new you seem kinda defensive.. so one question, sorry if this Is rude: Are you a shade?

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Useless to one can be useful to another. I say, why not? Sorry you were harrassed. We’re usually a pretty friendly bunch.

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@Matt; Perhaps you should give some thought to using accurate tags. Those are what triggered my “suspicion meter,” and not the questions, which were reasonable. And if you think they are good questions, don’t label them as “useless.” Welcome.

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Ummm, no, I’m not a shade. I don’t know that that even is.

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You pays peanuts, you get monkeys!

Ask random, useless questions and you get random, useless responses

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Monkeys eat peanuts? I did not know that.

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Monkeynuts! You don’t get them over there??

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Just on boy monkeys!

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Hahahaha…..we served them roasted, in bowl-fulls at Halloween…

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“A man walked into his psychiatrists office, wearing nothing but Saran-wrap. ‘Whaddya think, Doc?’ he asked. ‘Well,’ answered the shrink, ‘I used to think you were crazy, but now I can clearly see you’re nuts.’ ”

deafening silence roared in his ears. His face burning, he turned and slowly walked offstage.

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I think random questions are fine… but usually, they are a waste of time lol.

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