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Can you list some of the good online sites or anywhere else to learn French as a second language?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16757points) June 2nd, 2019

Online preferred. To both read , write speak and listen? I only have a basic level of French. I was thinking Athabasca University, Rosetta, Duolingo, Red Deer college, French as a second language at Stratford Career Institute, some books or audio from Amazon, or through the Red Deer activity center?

Did I miss any?

I’m not in any rush. I just want to have enough French to read textbooks or watch French televison and to converse with.

Later I would like to master French enough to qualify for the prerequisites to go into a masters of psychology second language requirements at university.

I’m not prepared to leave Alberta at this time.

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Although I’ve never tried it, I keep hearing that Babbel is a good way to learn another language & it meets your requirement of being online plus you can learn at you own pace. You might want to check your local library. Mine has a section for learning new languages. I haven’t tried that one either; but, in glancing over what they have, it appears they have a pretty good selection. I would think that how far you can go with it is up to you & how hard you’re willing to work!!!

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There is a French telecourse on PBS if you can catch it. I Thinks it’s called “French in Action.”

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Start with a language textbook. It gives you basic knowledge. What a book does, which many of these language programs don’t do, is give you rules for things like verb conjugation and sentence structure.

The language programs tend to figure that you can pick up the rules on your own through constant repetition. This is silly. Use a textbook to understand conjugation of regular verbs and start to learn a few of the most common irregular verbs. Go through the use of the different pronouns. Learn the rules for counting to 100 and how to express numbers in the millions.

Once you have the basics then you can use one of the programs to master conversational skills and to expand your vocabulary.

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