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How do you deal with difficult co-workers?

Asked by mozartpena (81points) August 25th, 2008

It’s not intentional, but everything they say and do seem to tick you off. It’s like their unconsciously insulting you all the time. But no, you’re chained to work with them. how do you do it?

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Just joke back and act like everything is fine. Everyone works with people that they would never associate with in their social life. It’s a skill we all have to learn. There’s no real answer to this. Unless they aredoing things that are seriously inappropriate, just roll with the punches.

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I steal all their paperclips.

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Interact with them in a polite, civil way. Don’t socialize with them. Keep your head down, and stay busy working. Everywhere you go, there will be people you don’t like…you can’t control their behavior, but you can control yours.

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Not sure what your working situation is, but I work in a small team environment. A couple of my bosses have been known to take me aside to “talk” over completely stupid points (my opinion, but still).

I’ve learned that it is easiest to find something you have in common or can relate to. Isolate that and use it to your advantage. Be friendly, but not social. As long as you work hard, most people will give you the benefit of the doubt.

Being quick on your feet and thick skinned never hurt either. There are worse things in life than people giving you a hard time at work (even if it doesn’t appear that way).

Good luck.

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Best way imho is to ignore that individual

wurks 4me :D

some ppl are FOOLZ

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When all else fails, I like to take the “super-professional” approach. Being polite and professional towards that person, conservative in my communication and keep interactions to a bare minimum required to get work done.

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Assassination is always an option.

August 26, 2008, 3:26 AM EDT

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haha. thanks for all your responses, i appreciate it.
i will definitely follow your advices. (probably not the assassination) hehehe

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You don’t have to do the assassinations, yourself.

You could get the US Secret Service to do it, as someone did on November 22, 1963…

August 26, 2008, 3:49 AM EDT

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I don’t worry about it. Where I work there are people from many different cultures and what you consider insulting they may consider being incredibly polite.

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Finish the soonest whatever work is expected from you.. Ignore those persons.. Keep conversation/interaction with them minimal if ever there is a need to communicate.. Do your work good..

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I would go one step further then these people. If someone irritates me and I just can’t figure out why, I go out of my want to be extra nice to them. Every interaction with other people gives you a chance to learn and grow as a person. Usually, when I don’t like someone ‘just because’, it’s actually because there’s something wrong with my attitude.

You can just kill them with kindness.

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After years of struggling with this issue, I hit on the ultimate solution: don’t have any. My co-workers and I never disagree, and they never act up. (I am them, and they are me.)

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Marina, you are self-employed?

August 26, 2008, 8:17 PM EDT

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You can also just listen to music (headphones) if that is allowed at ur wurkplace (or hide it if you have long hair)

just don’t let people get to you. why do you waste your time even thinking about that?

can you get into more detail? Maybe a floor plan of the office, where your cubicle is etc. or how many times you are actually forced to communicate to get your work done.

also, why is that person bothering you, why do you care even? let us know, we can help

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@JA Yes. I am a writer.

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I handled this by regularly having lunch with someone who used to annoy me a lot (and I somehow ticked them off too). Getting to know someone helps me a lot because it’s very difficult for me to dislike someone I know.

Perhaps that will help you too?

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steal the pens, hide the keyboard or system crash them. Kinda mean huh. Just a Lil. ;)

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Don’t forget about assassination. It really works.

Trust me.

August 29, 2008, 7:14 AM EDT

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with a paper football, rubberband or spit wad I hope.

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Don’t place “limitations” on creativity.

August 29, 2008, 11:09 AM EDT

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