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Could a charismatic celebrity unite us to boycott the presidential debates (details)?

Asked by SaganRitual (2072points) June 13th, 2019

Would it even be possible to strong-arm the networks and the parties into de-circus-ing the debates? Could someone unite enough of us to matter? Could someone get lefties and righties to join forces? Presumably neither side is much impressed with the debates; could enough people from the two sides stop warring and work together to get our “leaders” in line? Would you work with the other “side”?

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Work with the other side to WHAT purpose?

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Why boycott the debates? What’s wrong with them? You’re asking us a question without establishing the necessity for any action.

Also, which debates?

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valid points!

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Why would we want to boycott the debates? How will we get a feel for who our candidates are if we don’t get a chance to hear them talk?

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@stanleybmanly To boycott the debates.

@Hawaii_Jake All of the party nomination debates, and the presidential debates after that. What’s wrong with them? I find them to be a travesty, devoid of meaningful discourse, not to mention having a thousand of them.

@Dutchess_III I would want to boycott them to force our “leaders” and the news networks to do better. The idea of the boycott would be to get them to pay attention and hold meaningful debates; I didn’t mean stay home just to protest, I meant, really get their attention, like with a million people and a celebrity voice, something like that. Peace

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Well, I just don’t see how it would work. Say nobody shows up to the debates of the final candidates. Well, those candidates are going to be who people vote for, only the people voting are going to be totally in the dark about who they are voting for.
Not showing up doesn’t really hurt them at all. They don’t lose money, and one of them won’t lose the election.

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