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Any suggestions on how to beat sleep while driving?

Asked by siddesh (17points) August 26th, 2008
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Yes. Don’t try to do that, ever.

Get plenty of sleep, before driving. If feeling tired, pull into a shopping mall parking lot and go to sleep in your car, if you can’t afford a motel room.

I lost a very good friend in the 1960s, who tried to drive while feeling drowsy.

August 26, 2008, 7:58 AM EDT

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Coffee, caffeine, and sleep.

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My late uncle was an inter-state truck driver. He used to remove his right shoe if he had to drive long distances or was tired. He said the vibration of the pedals on his foot would keep him awake. I’m told MANY truckers do this.

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Some friends and I always eat sonflower seeds. Its something about cracking them open, seperating the shell from the seed and eating them that keeps your mind alert. Sounds weird but it does work.

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Punch yourself repeatedly in the face.

And then pull over and sleep. My loved ones might be on the same road as you. Sleepy drivers are as dangerous as drunk drivers.

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I have to give Poser mad proppers for the right answer.

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@Poser: That actually worked for me, in one instance.

I had to drive a truck with a friend’s furniture inside, for 4 hours, and I was tired when I started.

I used my right hand to continually slap my face while I drove, and I mean CONTINUALLY.

But, it worked. I made the trip safely, and on time, but with a bloody face.

August 26, 2008, 8:55 AM EDT

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I’ve had lotsa luck with Books on CD. And Red Bull.

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A long nap before you travel.

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If you drive with someone take turns driving.

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Nobody can top poser’s answer. I agree 100%.

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I’ve also found that a mix cd/mp3 with songs that you can sing along too can help. Also grapes, sour candy, or Altoid mints help me. I think any stimulation helps, so books on tape might do well, as does conversation, word games, the right music, or just energy drinks.

But when you get really drowsy, a 10–20 minute nap is the real cure.

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roll the windows down if its cold out. dont use air conditioning though, i find that the humming noise is soothing. play music really loudly, especially something you can sing along to.
i always seem to get tired when i drive (i think from when my parents use to drive me around when i was little to fall asleep) and i’ve found these things help.
sometimes, though, it wont help and i WILL pull over and take a nap.

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I find that chewing gum helps.

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don’t choke though.

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Blasting music, windows down, and smoke a cigarette if you smoke. Something that keeps your mind occupied.

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Chomping on crushed ice, leaning forward and blasting the air in your face, lifting your left foot, and drinking the coffee that comes from gas stations claiming to contain 3x’s the caffeine seems to help as well. Whether it actually does or not is questionable, but the mental concept keeps me awake, lol ;P

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30 minute power naps

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another vote for poser!

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