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When is it right or wrong to moralize?

Asked by mazingerz88 (29001points) June 14th, 2019 from iPhone

As asked.

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One can moralize all they want, its sounding it out to others that sometimes causes more problems.

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^^Was under the impression moralizing is indeed the very act of sounding it out?

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Moralize | Definition of Moralize at

Moralize definition, to reflect on or express opinions about something in terms of right and wrong, especially in a self-righteous or tiresome way.

Emphasis on “to reflect OR express part…”
While one may moralize by expressing to others, many moralize in reflection and think on the problem.

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^^Thank you. : )

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Your very welcome I liked your thoughful question.

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^^Asked the question after someone I met said he disagrees on religious ground how the school his child goes to promotes same sex relationships by tolerating it.

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Everyone has a right to there opinions but it doesn’t make it right.
In time that person will see his error soon enough as the world is changing to more tolerant and in some cases intolerance.
Personally I would had asked that person “what they were afraid of?”
Curious as to What country he was living in at this conversation..U.S. ??
When one moves to a different country its best to adopt there customs and attitudes or why in the world would they move there,if they didn’t agree?

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If moralising doesn’t cause any harm then it is OK.

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Why would it ever be wrong? I don’t agree with your friends position about raising his child but it’s his choice.

To me, taking the kid out of the school, is a form of denial. What about at Walmart or out in public, the kid wearing blinders? Talk to the kid, tell him some people believe differently than you and that’s okay, but our religion doesn’t approve of that lifestyle.

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Moralizing isn’t a matter of right or wrong (ironically). But there are certainly many times when someone’s moralizing is disingenuous, hypocritical, and just plain moronic.

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Moralizing is neither right nor wrong, because right and wrong have no meaning. They’re completely subjective terms, and worse, misleading rationalizations of our social instincts. That which we call morality is a huge source of suffering in the world, all this right, wrong, punishment, reward, should, all of that is right out. It’s nothing but a set of sophisticated tools for bashing each other over the head, coercing and bending each other to the other’s will. We could have ditched it decades ago, but very few people have noticed how flawed it is, and even those who recognize the flaws mostly can’t imagine there being an alternative.

Moralizing would not be a thing if we were to set aside morality, which we must eventually, and replace it with compassionate pragmatism, primarily focused on minimizing the suffering in the world, and increasing the thriving in the world.

Peace and luck

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@Inspired_2write Not surprisingly a friend of mine who was present at the time asked that exact same question. What was he afraid of? It’s obvious he doesn’t want his child thinking that’s normal and a right thing to do. He said if his child turns out to be gay the chance of him attending his child’s same sex wedding is nil.

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As if that is the most important thing to him? Geesh , sounds like a controlling parent?
What “if” the child did as the parent expected and then committed suicide?
Then how would that parent feel?

Each generation of parents and conflicts with them and there children happens no matter what the changing times bring.

It is expected that most conservative parents will buck their non conservative parents with some going there own way and others bending to there parents wishes.
( and this does not end well for the parents..estranged relations after).

Example: In the 1960’s hippie movement what happened now to those Freedom fighters?

Most are in Art related, music careers while others became conservative Business people.
Its a part of growing up and carving out ones own path the way they see fit.

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