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Do you like to high five?

Asked by JLeslie (59119points) June 16th, 2019 from iPhone

You know, slap/clap your hand up in the air with another person’s hand when something exciting happens.

Do you initiate it?

Do you do it with all ages? All genders?

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I won’t leave someone hanging.
I don’t usually initiate the high five, except with females.

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Sure, I’m a fan. I mostly high-five guys who are my age, but there have been exceptions. I’ll never forget when my mom high-fived me after the senior fashion show in high school. I was surprised, but I thought that was pretty cool :)

I don’t seem to ever initiate it though. But I will high-five the person who does back, lest I get accused of being “too slow”. Don’t get me started on people who take their hand away and say “psych”. That was popular when I was in elementary school. lol

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High fives generally seem like a goofy thing to me.

However, I do like moments of mutual enthusiasm about something, and will participate in a high five if someone else starts it and the enthusiasm (or wackiness) about the occasion is mutual.

I rarely (if ever) have thought to initiate a high five myself, or if I did, I might have been making fun of something, or of high fives themselves, with someone who shared a sarcastic attitude.

I am not age or gender discriminatory. A female clerk recently high fived me after I mentioned a certain farmer’s market and town she was from, which was unexpected and zany fun.

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I don’t initiate it but I’ll do it if someone else does.

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Now that you mention it I realize I’ve never initiated it !

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I have never initiated a high five. It seems very silly, but I don’t recall ever refusing a high five, especially ones initiated by little kids.

High fives seem to mostly be initiated by males, at least in my experience, and they tend to have to do with sports, of which I am not a fan. But I will happily high five with a little kid, especially if they have just done something wonderful, for which they are proud.

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Used to playing volley ball. Now it’s just with grandkids, occasionally with my adult kids.

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