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Do you like to toast?

Asked by JLeslie (59211points) June 16th, 2019 from iPhone

Raise or clink glasses to honor someone or show gratitude.

Are you the one who usually initiates it?

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I will take part, but have only given one, when I was a best man at a wedding…

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I have initiated a few.

When I graduated boot camp, several of us had a six hour wait for our flight. The airport in Orlando serves up a superior strawberry daiquiri. We toasted everything from Reagan to booze. Three of us had to carry one kid onto the plane, and the connecting flight. So many toasts, he was toast. lightweight

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On occasion. I’m not a big drinker but I’ll do it with water or soda, even. I don’t do a speech, I’ll just say “cheers to _______” and people seem to like it.

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I always feel awkward with toasts. I don’t drink, so someone who is about to give a toast always seems to bring out the people who insist on pouring you a drink, and then I feel like the odd person out for refusing the alcohol, even though I’m happy to toast along with everyone else with my water, but I’ve got the frowny concerned look on many occasions.

The other reason I don’t like them is because it’s usually someone I don’t know droning on and on and on, usually in a drunken state of their own, and often I have no idea what they are talking about because they are relating some obscure story that happened only to them and the recipient of the toast.

I’m OK with a quick toast of “to your health” or “I hope you both have a long and happy married life”.

I am very unlikely to initiate a toast. I prefer to just talk to people.

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Sure. My grandkids and I toast each other all the time. We toadt with.what ever we have in.our hands, popsicles, French fries, what ever.

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^^ Sizzler has the best cheese toast.

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My son will be getting married Sept 21 and his best man is his brother. The best man makes the first toast and then usually the grooms father. I told my son he better start thinking of something unique to say at his brother’s wedding! Then next year it is reversed and the best man will be getting married and his brother will be the best man. I just want some grand kids!

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I have 10 of them. :D

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