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If you believe in the concept of a devil, what does your religion say you should feel about him?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33291points) June 16th, 2019

Is the devil to be:

learned from?

If you think the devil exists, what are you supposed to with that knowledge?

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Traded with. Bargained with. I most likely got my immortality and time loop with the devil or God. I don’t know what I traded for the gift. Maybe entertainment or a fraction of something. Not my soul. I would never give that away.

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Jews don’t believe in the devil. Or heaven or hell for that matter. Of course I’m also an atheist which means that even if Jews did I still wouldn’t.

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I’m agnostic/athiest but for me the concept of the devil, hell etc is a cautionary fairy tale that reminds people that actions have consequences and that it is important to always consider them. A strong conscience is not 100%

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Pitied I suppose, as he was once God’s most high angel before his pride made him fall.

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Pitied and resisted.

Traditionally, Jews believe him to be more like a bad prosecuting attorney, and an accuser, as represented in the book of Job and several New Testament examples. in the Heavenly courts. It is very rare for Jews today to believe in a devil or Satan and ascertain that the passages in the prologue and epilogue of Job were written later.

Ezekiel and Isaiah liken him to the King of Babylon, one of God’s most high angels who opposed God and was defeated. We read about this in the Revelation of Saint John as well, but whether his overthrow by St. Michael happened before Adam or during the end times taking a third of the angels with him, is a bit ambiguous. In the end, Satan and his Minions are thrown into the lake of fire, which is the second death,

Since Satan cannot harm or defeat God, Satan’s task is to harm human beings whom God loves, and separate people from God. Satan is a god of this world, a ruler of demonic hosts that control world events, governments, etc. that is meant to usurp the works of God, So, we see Satan as a deceiver and an adversary of God in the world today, ruining the earth and ruining human lives.

In folklore, Satan is kind of the ultimate used car salesman — offering people things beautiful or valuable, ultimately leading to their demise

or offers them an exchange for their soul,, and takes them to Hell. In some trickster tales, some people are wily enough to trick or cheat the devil. But more often than not, Satan wins the bargain, These cautionary tales represent that things of this world may be everything we ever wanted but will lead to ruin,

Most Christians see the Devil MORE than symbolic but less than an entity or deity, and we see Satan as an adversary of our souls, who wants us to turn against God and lead us to ruin. We see him as our adversary in our spiritual lives. But not feared.

Satanists believe in following certain Satanic precepts to unshackle one’s self from God and follow one’s truest desires, or just see him as something to get a charge of fear from, or seek his help, actually or symbolically, for power and gain and tyranny.

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Another one of those religious things that left me scratching my head, even as a believer.
He was just a convenient fall guy for when God messed up and let a guy rape children without stopping him.

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@Dutchess God never said bad things didnt happen or wouldnt if you believe. Only that He’d be there to help you thru it. Satan is the perp. And as people like you turn away, Satan wins. Happens to a lot of people, that belief that being saved means happily ever after, we feel Satan comes after Christians harder like @inspired said.

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No, he didn’t say that. But what people let him do is take all the credit for the good stuff, and none of the credit for the bad stuff, which makes absolutely no sense since he supposedly “in charge” and has the “whole world in his hands.”
49 kids die horrible deaths in a fire, but 1 is saved, praise Jesus! Good is merciful. God saved that one child.

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We as Christians pray for our enemies. That is what the bible says.

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