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Do you want to play "Let's custom design our own camper!"?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44181points) June 19th, 2019

Money is no object, be as creative as you want.

Man I loved my pop up camper.. That isn’t mine, but it shows what I love about them. This is ours, all set up for our honeymoon. It’s like living in a screened in porch. We had one for several years. After camping out of the back of a Suburban for 3 years, a pop up was like a mansion!
Now, however, we have a regular pull behind camper with a slide. We love it. Hell. It’s like being home.
But I miss my airy pop up!
If I could I’d design our Jayco so that it’s more like a pop up, but with all the same features as it has now; the slide out, the stove, the fridge, the bathroom, the SHOWER. It would be so cool to be able to sit in the living room, or lay in the bedroom, surrounded by netting, like the world’s most comfortable screened in porch!
But we’d also have to have a way to bring the sides back up for bad weather.
That’s my dream camper.

What’s yours?

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Fast mini drones around 360 degrees driver assistance to help prevent accidents. Fluffy friendly cabin and heated bed. Endless hot water for shower with stats on whats left in hot water. Unlimited intetnet and cable.

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Or go super and add an oven and hot tub.

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I’d fill it with dynamite & blow the shit out of the hideous pile of garbage.

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My dream camper wouldn’t have the constant stench of human waste and/or the combination of the urinal mint scents that try to mask it (but kind of make it worse). I’ve never been in a camper or boat that didn’t have at least a vague whiff of that port-o-potty smell. I guess some people can get used to it, but it always makes me nauseous.

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@gorillapaws Ours has never smelled. I’d say someone may have had theirs set up incorrectly, or not emptied well and flushed out or something.

@ARE_you_kidding_me that is so cute! Are there any inside pictures?

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@RedDeerGuy1, I’m ya huckleberry. But no hot tub. We do have a Hot shower though. Which sure beats the showers at the campgrounds!

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I’ll google some pics….I don’t want to watch a 15 minute video.

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That is so CUTE!! We could sleep 2 grandkids in each one. Hook 5 of them up behind our Jayco and off we go! :D
Kidding aside, that would just be so perfect for two people.

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