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What time is it where you are at the moment?

Asked by Sparkie510 (397points) August 26th, 2008 from iPhone

It’s 16:42 London GMT

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1046 in Oklahoma

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12:00 noon in Massachusetts.

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And 12:08 in NYS.

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12:23 in Cleveland, OH (Hey, is this a time stamp disguised as a question?)

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10:55 in utah

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10:05 am Pacific

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1:08 AM in Taipei, Taiwan

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@Anthony; yesterday or tomorrow? Here it is Tues (US-)

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It is Wednesday, August 27th here. Time update: it is now 1:43 AM

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August 26, 2008, 2:03 PM EDT

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@ Jack – 2:03 PM?

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CA- 1:26 pm

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3:25 Lawrence, Kansas (USA)

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Okay, now it is 5:02pm in Massachusetts you really wanted to know that again, didn’t you?

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10:40 am, Wednesday morning in Otago.

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@Tantigirl; where in MA?

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It is now… 5:40 PM in Lawrence Kansas.
Fantastic, right?

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@Gail – just up the road from Worcester.

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5:31 PDT

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tanti- near Princeton or Harvard?

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gail – Route 20 right near Heberts

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Well now it’s 08:04 GMT – thanks for all the answers – must have come in whilst I was asleep!

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2:36a. California.

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10:13pm in Pittsburgh

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