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What are some small towns in Seattle?

Asked by kittykat219 (136points) July 2nd, 2010

Im writing a story and its based in Seattle so are there any interesting towns or villages that are there?
Sorry! I forgot! Its a city isnt it? What are some interesting names of towns around it then!? :D

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Do you mean around Seattle?

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At the risk of being moderated, isn’t this something Google Earth could help with?

I mean, only you can know what is an appropriate setting for your story. Google Earth would show you not only the town name, but the topography, and possibly have a few tourist photographs and information about points of interest in the area.

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And street view could help out with how the town looks. Touristy or homey or what not.

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I suggest using a made-up town, since then you won’t have to worry about getting facts about the town wrong, or anything like that. It’s a lot easier. But that only works if you’ve only just started.

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Parts of Remond can actually be pretty country. Snoqualmie is cute. Sequim is a bit away, but full of lavender.

Yeah, I’d go with Snoqualmie.

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West Seattle has a very good view of the skyline and the Space Needle, right on a viewpoint famous for being the best “parking place” in the area. Beautiful view!

West Seattle also boasts a beach called Alki Point, where Puget Sound is located. It’s right on the western part of the city and has an interesting history, being the place where the Denny Party landed, and the first white settlement of Seattle started. Alki Point has the only beach in the greater Seattle are, and it’s very nice. It also has a miniature Statue of Liberty and a well-known lighthouse.

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I agree with @ChocolateReigns Using a real town, unless you know a lot about it or are willing to do a fair amount research will only cause you problems. There will be a lack of authenticity to your “local color.”

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It might be helpful to look at a map of the state of Washington.

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You will not find towns within a city.

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@perspicacious Not true. Camden Town can be found within the city of London.

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@Lightlyseared I stand corrected. You will not find them in my part of the world. :)

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