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Is there a way to clear spam activity?

Asked by raum (7279points) June 22nd, 2019 from iPhone

145 new notifications from spam. Is there a way to clear this without manually opening all 145 questions?

What a pain in the butt.

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Thanks! But want to know if there’s a way to actually clear it.

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Answering in that thread to help moderators see how many people are affected.

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Just hit the “mark all as read” button on the new activity for you page.

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@canidmajor Thanks!
(PS Need to switch to desktop version.)

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Re, “mark all as read”, what if there are non spam posts among them?

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Well, I guess you’ll just have to to check, or miss them. The fact that we can even “mark all as read” is a way better option than hav8ng no choice but to slog through every single one.

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