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Why do I have so many new notifications today?

Asked by Kardamom (31187points) June 22nd, 2019 from iPhone

Usually I have anywhere between 5 and 15 new notifications on Qs I’m following. Today I have 118!!!

Is it just spam, is it just trolls? Is the site going haywire?

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I didn’t log in for over a day and I just returned with 53 activity for me notifications. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I don’t think I’ve even answered that many questions since my arrival last year.

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I assume some spammer troll was very busy last night.

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Me too.

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Can you imagine if all that energy was spent on something useful.

Whoever is doing this is just making him/herself look foolish, and is the butt of jokes, and has nothing but animosity towards them.

Why would anyone think that purposely doing something to make yourself look like an asshole is a good thing?

I get that they want attention, but who wants a finger pointed at them that says they are an asshole?

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[Mod says] Not a troll. We were attacked by a few mass spammers overnight. The actual number of spam responses is over a thousand. This thread explains a little more.

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The search engine is not working for me.

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I had 114 new so I’m ignoring until things calm back down.

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