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What would happen most likely if the Earth and all its inhabitants have only three years to live?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28245points) June 29th, 2019

Theoretically, everything and everyone’s gone. Would we as the human race reconcile, make amends and savor ( drinking, singing songs, dancing etc. ) what is left in peace and love? Or is it going to be hell all to way to the end?

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A massive spike in crime rate, mainly murder and rape, and a complete collapse of economies and governments.
Humanity will go down like a senile old man that shat his pants when he died, and decomposed in a pool of his own shit.

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If our demise was guaranteed, it would mean there would be no consequences to any actions. Chaos would ensue and as @ragingloli you would see a huge spike in crime. There would be a huge resurgence in religion as well. People would go either way, basically. It would definitely not be business-as-usual anywhere, except possible at some Tibetan monastery.

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I think people would stop working, so chaos would ensue because nobody would be able to secure food in the way we currently get it (shopping at the store) and things like utilities and medical care would be sparse or non-existent. It would be scary.

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Ever see the film “When Worlds Collide?” Like that and what @ragingloli said.

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Sad but I totally agree with @ragingloli on this,that is how much faith I have in the human race.

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All of the above are VERY accurate depictions, knowing human behavior.
It would be nice if we could have that “last dance before dying“savoring, as you mention, what is left, singing, drinking, dancing, in love and peace—as that’s what we’ve all been hoping for and might bring us together, But I think the outer chaos of humanity would not permit this cream to rise to the top—at the swansong of the human race.

A similar topic, maybe even more grim,, I remember reading a review of a Sci-Fi novel (written probably in the late 1980s) where humans simply stopped having babies, as has actually happened with several extinct animals. Massive and rapid decreases in birth rates, No babies had been born since 1994.

Plenty of room for younger gangs to prey on the old, and wait for their own eventual demise.

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@Yellowdog I read something years ago along that same line. Supposedly, sperm counts are dwindling worldwide and it supposedly is caused by the birth control drugs that now permeate the world’s water.

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I would travel to the past and live forever.

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If we all knew things would end on a certain date, i’d be more concerned about the US or Russia deciding to avoid too much chaos and ending things early.

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Interesting, I’d think the opposite. Although there would be widespread corruption among any who could benefit, I would personally think the gov’t and other agencies that control things, would be trying to calm us down. No hard opinion, however.

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@zenvelo Ha. Wow. Similar thought I have a while ago. What if people who have access launch nuclear missiles just to see what happens?

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If things got too chaotic and there was no hope of bringing order to humanity and our final years would be hell anyway, I can see people ending it all for our own benefit, assuming they could do it completely and wipe everything out at once.

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There would be a major push to colonize the solar system. The moon , Mars and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

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In three years? I think not.

Besides that, living in a colony on Mars or the Moon would be temporary. It wouldn’t last, and too many things would break down that couldn’t be repaired. The confinement alone would be sheer hell

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Human would either become the best version of themselves or fall down into Hell.

The rest of Earth’s living matters wouldn’t care.

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I think there will be many different shifts in how people think and behave. Different people react differently to apocolypsis, as can already be seen. Some people become more grasping, as several people have already described, but others respond in more positive ways as they adjust to new realities and face the end of the world they knew.

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A small percentage of the population would try position themselves so they would benefit greatly if the event did not occur. They would start buying property, and amassing fortunes so on day 2.0.1, if it were to occur, they would own as much of the plant and its resources as possible.
Those people are not all bad. At least they have a plan and a positive outlook.

I’d buy the largest stock market futures positions my margin account would allow. If the end happens it does not matter. If it doesn’t, I’d be asking Bill and Melinda.what they need for their charity.

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You & many like you, would die knowing Trump was still president. You wasted the remainder of your life obsessed with him & died bitter & defeated :D

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@ucme It would be comforting to know that he was eating it, too.

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Panic is the first response.
When a larger force threatens then all unite to fight it off.
No need to fight each other by then.

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