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Have the Incas, Aztecs and indigenous American people ever met each other before the pre colonization of the British and French and other Europeans,?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17102points) June 29th, 2019

Do any records of co-existence exist?

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Yes, they traded with each other and as far North as the Sotuhwest of what is now the US.

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It is interesting that as people who came here by crossing the Bearing Strait all those millennia ago, that the most nomadic and primitive and camplike are in the areas that were supposedly settled first: the Alutians and the Inuit (“Eskimos”) and tribes of the far north —whereas the newest nations, still very ancient, the Aztecs ,Incas, and Mayans were very advanced even in ancient times and had migrated much further south than their point or origin.

As @janbb said, they traded with each other—and all had similar characteristics from the advanced Incas right to the Southwest American cliff dwellers and Pueblos.

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Yep. There were huge networks of trade routes weaving all over the Americas.

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