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At the meeting with Kim Jung Un, Trump calls him “my friend “. Isn’t this a slap in America’s face to call a tyrant a friend?

Asked by chyna (44692points) July 1st, 2019 from iPhone

Kim Jung Un is one of the worst human rights abusers in the world and our president calls him “friend”. Doesn’t this go against everything America stands for?

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In Trumpworld, friends are enemies, enemies are friends, murderers are allies, up is down and red is blue.

Trump doesn’t know what America stands for.

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^^ That

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It seems to me we have two options:

(1) We can assume he’s telling the truth, and is friends with Kim Jong Un and an enemy of the United States. This is grounds for impeachment.

(2) He is lying and is not friends with Kim Jong Un and should be impeached for lying.

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Maybe his definition of friend is different from ours.

Or like @Yellowdog pointed out either he’s friending an enemy of the US. or he’s lying. No surprise.

He just wants a photo-op and will do it any way he can.
What a shame….

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There’s plenty of shit that Trump has done wrong. Trying to be friendly with an enemy and make peace isn’t one of them. In diplomacy, pleasantries are used to try to broker peace.

That said, Trump is incompetent in nearly every endeavor he’s engaged in. Sending him in to negotiate peace with a nuclear nation is like having the Bad News Bears play the Yankees with the prospect of nuclear Armageddon on the line.

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Weh! Weh! (That’s me cryin’)

@janbb pointed carrots up to agree with the above answer, but not down to agree with mine, below it!!!

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None of that is in any way new.

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It’s cliche by now. Republicans’ (not all) hypocrisy. If a Dem President behaved as such, it’s pandemonium.

I think trump in all his vanity and shallowness really believes a “charm offensive” would lead to desired results. Results as in getting re-elected, continuing to make his sheeple feel good about themselves —— all self-serving. I don’t think he really understands the serious implications of whatever he’s doing. As long as it benefits and strokes his ego—— he doesn’t give a shit how he does things and how it reflects on the country.

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@chyna: “Isn’t this a slap in America’s face to call a tyrant a friend?”

The US is “friends” with and props up tyrants all the time. You might dislike Trump, but let’s not pretend this is extraordinary or in any way different. Let’s also not pretend it’s not a good thing that we’re not stoking fires with N. Korea.

There are legitimate ways to attack Trump. But attacking him from the right is not one of them.

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@hmmmmmm “There are ways to attack Trump. But attacking him from the right is not one of them.”

While I do agree with you strategically, @mazingerz88 is 100% correct to point out the double standards at play. If Obama had called Un “friend” Republicans would have gone ballistic.

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The hypocrisy card is a dead-end and reactionary. While the use of showing hypocrisy has its place when coupled with principles, the weaponized use of hypocrisy is extremely reactionary and merely serves to keep the public discourse free from examining principles and root causes. It’s a politics that resembles a sporting event where it’s nothing but gotchas and point-scoring.

There are liberals who are positioning themselves to the right of Donald Trump on issues because they feel it would score hypocrisy points. These same people don’t find anything strange about the fact that they went from supporting brutal regimes under every other administration (including Obama), and then want to increase chances of war if it means that they can score some mythical points in the anti-Trump sporting event.

Being anti-Trump is very simple and at most is apolitical. Being against Trump’s policies requires a self-evaluation that is very difficult for corporate/establishment Democrats. It requires them to honestly evaluate US history, foreign policy, and their favorite Democratic politicians.

Trump is very much what the US is all about. And we don’t change that by merely swapping out Trump for someone more polite and groomed and has a D next to her/his name. We need to be attacking the very things that led to Trump, and the very things we supposedly hate about him – not just reflexively opposing him and playing the hypocrisy card.

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Our traditional diplomacy with N.Korea has not worked. It has failed by any measure under Obama, Bush, and all others. Trump has eased the tensions between the our two countries and indeed the world. Maybe it won’t work but maybe it will. So far his strategy has not cost us anything and could be the starting point for a real breakthrough. Hell I’m still pissed off about the Pueblo but I’ll take a wait and see stance.

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The guy just can’t win with you lot, if he’d said he was a weird fat little fucker, would that be okay?

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@ucme “The guy just can’t win with you lot…”

Trump is at his best when he’s on the golf course, or getting pissed on by hookers, or really any activity at all that doesn’t involve speaking publicly, making big decisions or reading documents longer than 1 page without pictures etc.

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Yet he is still president & way happier with life than you are :D

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@ucme ”...way happier with life than you are :D”

I wouldn’t assume that. He’s still trying to win the approval of his dead father. The only reason he’s President is because the Democratic leadership and the media would rather have Trump than real change in this country, rigging the primary to make sure a progressive didn’t win.

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I can’t imagine what more can be done in terms of showmanship. Kim Don Un? If there is not a substantive agreement fairly soon, people are going to stop paying attention.

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Yes. But Trump is a douche looking for another photo op…

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I wouldn’t have a problem with it IF he hadn’t said that he admired him & aspired to follow in his footsteps!!!

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The fool has no understanding that his hobnobbing with criminal regimes gives such regimes what they desperately want & what we have striven mightily to deny them until the fool arrived—LEGITIMACY. The fool does not appreciate that it might be a dangerous precedent to show the world that all you need do to have the President smooching your ass is build a nuke and attach it to a rocket! What a dummy! Do you suppose Iran might get the message? Pakistan certainly did. They get their billions in our foreign aid as suitable “punishment”.

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@Gorilla I agree with you. As does most everyone I know, liberals included.

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He reminds me of the kid at school that hands out money trying to buy friendship, and has no clue that they’re taking his money and laughing at him. He HAS no friends. He’s just grasping at straws.

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Agreed! Lets hope Kim Jung Un wins and America gets nuclear toast!

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Trump’s a hypocrite. Much smarter to have kicked Un in the teeth rather than pretending they’re friends.
It’s politics people.

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@Aster I’d like to rip his little head off just for Otto Warmbier, not even counting all of his own people. But you’re right, politics are politics, you can’t get anywhere refusing to communicate or compromise.

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Yes…Otto was a tragedy. I can’t fathom rage his parents must feel.

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