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How has everyone been?

Asked by SergeantQueen (11751points) July 3rd, 2019

It’s been a hot second since I’ve been on here.
Lots have changed and I have a lot going on.
I’ve been super busy between work and getting ready for college. I’ve had a lot of bad things happen, but I’m slowly getting better :) Trying to stay positive.
I’d love to hear how you guys are? I miss this site.

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Just hangin.’ Signed up for Medicare this year. Still on target to work 5½ more years before I take Social Security. My old “91 Nissan pick-up continues to run well with over 260,000 miles…A/C still works, thank goodness! Business has been picking up, which is good since it was falling off for so VERY long…
Glad things are improving for you!

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I bought an ice cube machine.

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Doing well; have settled into life as a single person.

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My usual, meh…..

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I just learned there are portable clothes dryers. I bought one. It doesn’t need a vent, or special power, it can be plugged into any normal wall socket. I have a hard time making those trips down to the basement, and this will help a lot. I will only need to go to the basement for large/heavy items.

I thought I lost a flashdrive which has several months of work on it. That was a stressful week! It had fallen to the floor, and the drape covered it from view.
I’ve missed you. I’m glad you’re back.

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I’ve been doing alright. Busy with school, but I left my second job that I hate and I feel like a new man after doing so. Should’ve done that a long time ago. Tomorrow I’m flying out to Illinois to see a friend I haven’t seen in person since 2017 and then later this month I’m going to start teaching a summer course. So all in all this summer’s shaping up to be pretty good.

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Welcome back! Hope things are working out for you.

We moved my mother in, been an adjustment. Just finished a reunion. Ready for relaxing.

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We’ve had a very busy year. My son lost his job, so he and family had to give up their new apartment and move in with us. He got a new job and apartment and started his own business so he’s been really busy.
His wife celebrated her first year on her job. Her hours are changed every week, and with sonny working again, I have to take her to work .
I am still homeschooling their two boys, and dog sitting their dog .
Hub, me, and the two boys just got back from a wonderful 9 day trip to Yellowstone.

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I’ve been evil and irresistible as always…

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