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What are your future retirement plans? Have anyone thought of that?

Asked by JohnSmithKalk (36points) July 9th, 2019

Retirement plans are something that we should do prior to reaching that stage. From financial to psychological there are many reasons why one should plan his/her retirement. Just wanted to know how others have planned their retirement.

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I will Fluther.
I will write essays for fun on psychological assessments. Both Intellectual and personality. Maybe make an app for assesment both psychological and career guides. I hope to have a worthy credential.

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I have only my SS to rely on so I’m putting off retirement until I turn 70 for maximum payout.

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I kind of live like I’m retired. I still work a little, which might eventually stop. I’m just in my early 50’s.

I live in a retirement city. Since it’s a retirement city there are activities all day long. It’s like camp but better. My calendar is full of fun and interesting things. Zumba, lunch and dinner dates, lectures and discussion on many different topics, dancing and live music, shows (both local and Broadway tour) social clubs, and more. I also volunteer teaching Zumba and other things here and there.

We might move if my husband gets a new job, and it just won’t be the same. I really think this model should be spread across the country all ages. When I was young I grew up in a master planned community that had some of the things my current city does. Attracting more retired people can transform the rate of volunteerism and offerings to the community.

My plan is to keep my house here even if we move soon so I can come back to it. Hopefully, the area stays relatively inexpensive and safe. I’ll be living on savings and SS and my husband has a very small pension also. I think about dabbling back in having an investment property to rent. I think about that for income now.

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I realized a while also that I’ll never be able to afford to retire properly. So I switched from being a graphic designer to a full time professor. I teach 6-classes per semester. After ten years, I should be down 4-classes and only be on campus three days a week. Plus, Summers off.

It’s not retirement, but it ain’t breaking rocks (or even working 60–70 hours/week as a designer).

This way, when I do drop dead at work, it’ll be at a pretty low stress gig.

That’s the closest I’m getting to “retirement”.

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I’ll gradually spend more and more time looking for my keys, wallet, phone, and glasses when I really need them.
Take a trip to visit the grandkids and maybe a few folks here.

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I’ve always been very frugal. I hate spending money and try to avoid it. After 15 years in the workforce, I became a homemaker. I started receiving Social security when I was 65, but since my husband is still working, we try to put most of that money into savings, and we invest in various stocks, bonds, and other retirement accounts.

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As the cost of living goes up and up, the thought about retiring seems to get farther away, yeah we got totally out of debt a few years back, been putting money away for it, like good little tax payers.
Then things like a super slow down at work throws a doubt into thing, health issues creeping up, and needing workplace benefits,then thinking how much does one actually have to have set aside to retire comfortably?

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