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What’s your warning?

Asked by JLeslie (58947points) July 9th, 2019 from iPhone

Looking for a list of warnings or good advice.

My latest was I told my husband “I will never joke about having a heart attack or stroke. If my speech is slurred, or I’m not making sense it’s an EMERGENCY, call 911.”

Of course then he made a joke that I often don’t make sense. He couldn’t resist.

I think this should be a rule for everyone. No crying wolf on serious health matters.

What’s your advice or warning? It can be anything, doesn’t have to be health related.

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Reduce, reuse, recycle.
Limit your use of fossil fuels and other greenhouse gas producing activities.
Live and drive defensively.
Put down the phone!
Check the operation of your smoke detectors!
Don’t be a litterbug!
Never pull a gun on someone unless you absolutely have to!
Eat your fruits and vegetables!
Use effective birth control.

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I have told the doctors and PA’s that I work with that if I ever send a “help” or “911” text that I am not joking. I’ve had a heart attack so that is a concern. Also my office is in another wing away from them and I’m the only person on this floor. We have a lot of homeless people that break into our offices.

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If you see someone who is bald, wears combat boots, combat jacket, change the side of the road.

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If your GF says that you can tell her anything don’t test it.

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Stay away from people who make you feel like you’re hard to love.

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If my pants start getting a little tight.

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Stop shying away from the camera.
Take pictures of yourself. Take pictures of others. Let people take pictures of you.

If you don’t, one day you’ll find you can’t look back at those photos and watch yourself grow up all over again. You won’t be able to show your children or your grandchildren all the places you went and all the people you met. And when you’re dead and gone, there will be very little proof you were ever here.

I know it’s so hard for those of us who are so insecure, but one day you’ll grow up and realize you don’t really want to be forgotten. :/

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