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How would you put a genie back in a bottle?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26757points) 3 months ago

Not speaking figuratively here. Literally.

If you had a genie (assuming that ones exist) and you had let it out to do its magic – how would you get it back in its bottle?

Could you entice it? Leave it food? Threaten it? (how?) Wait for it to tire out and then place it in the bottle?

How can you put a genie back in a bottle?

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Reverse the suction.

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Traditionally, the only ways are to either trick the genie to go back in the bottle, or to use one of your three wishes to get it back in the bottle.

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According to Larry Hagman & Barbara Eden, all you have to do is say Genie, get back in your bottle.

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Wish him into the bottle.
Or call the ghostbusters.

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Wish it didn’t exist.

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Threaten to break his/her bottle if he/she doesn’t go back in.

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@kritiper I don’t know if that helps though, they don’t really like being in the bottle do they?

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Tell her somebody messed with her decor.

Look inside and say, “hey, who is that?”

Tell genie to hide because ICE is coming.

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Give the genie an impossible paradox to solve It will be so embarrassed at its inability that it will hide forever in its bottle.

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@nerdgirl578 Hey, if someone threatened to trash your house, what would you do??

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@kritiper Oh, I thought the bottle is more like a prison? Either way if I lived in a bottle (even if the rent is low) I’d probably look for something bigger.

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Well as long as the cork is out it’s not a prison.

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I think the genies are held in to the bottles by some kind of magic though.

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According to scientific sources you pull the cork and rub thw bottle to release the genie.

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Unless I had some certain dire need, I would not attempt such a thing. Genies are generally best left to do their own thing, not antagonized.

If I did have a need, I’d consult or attempt to convince a wizard, or approach someone else who knew more about them than I did.

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I thought they lived in lamps.

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You rub them the ‘right’ way. Duh.

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Break out the vacuum & suck then blow…ooh, more tea vicar?

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Maybe if the bottle got broken the genie would cease to exist.

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Why do we want the genie in the bottle?
Hanging with a genie might be a hoot.

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Yes, I’ve found after answering their annoying three questions (they really seem to insist on this) they’re really nice people to hang with. Usually socially starved, which makes them good drinking friends.

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