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Have you ever heard or been to a live funeral?

Asked by Harper1234 (815points) July 23rd, 2019

A group of us were talking about a friend of ours who will have to be buried soon and someone shared an idea he read about that was a live funeral. You go ahead and have a funeral for the person who is going to die but they get to go to their own funeral and see what everyone says about them and how many flowers were sent etc. Then I guess when the time comes they just get buried as usual. Anyone heard of this and what are your ideas on it?

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I guess I’d like the idea more if it were called a celebration of their life or even a farewell party rather than a live funeral. A friend was dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease and there was a big party for her. She had been a beloved school administrator and many came. She was in a motorized chair and couldn’t speak but could write on a board and her humor was intact. So, I like the idea but not the term.

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A friend was having brain surgery for a glioblastoma, with a less than 10% chance of surviving three months, so we had a “pre-wake” so we could all say goodbye and he could have one final blowout party. It was awkward at times but we were so glad to be able to do it, and he loved it.

By the way, he is still with us 20 years later, despite having a total of five brain surgeries.

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Well…I guess I sort of have heard if it, but to get an honest reaction they can’t know you’re there.

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It sounds more like a living wake. Not a bad idea otherwise…

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@zenvelo so glad he made it!!!

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I’ve never been to one, but I like the idea.

I have been to funerals where they were planned out or details specified by the dying person. Usually, the specifications were favorite foods or desserts. I wouldn’t say they were a party, but they tend to be less somber than other funerals I’ve been to.

If I did a live funeral for myself, I wouldn’t want people to drone on about me, what I’d do it for is to have a gathering of the people I want to see before I die. The problem with a larger group and only a few hours is you don’t really spend time with each person, but it’s still nice to have everyone there.

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