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If the city-killer asteroid that passed earth this week had actually hit, what part of the world would have been your choice to be obliterated?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30539points) July 26th, 2019

Apparently an asteroid passed by earth at a distance of 73,000 miles (pretty darned close) and no one knew about it until the day before.


If this city-killer sized asteroid had, in fact, crashed into earth, where would you prefer it hit? Beijing? Moscow? San Francisco? Tokyo?

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Tulsa comes to mind as expendable. Or Dallas/Fort Worth.

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Washington DC.
New York, right on top of the “freedom tower”.

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@ragingloli why not Frankfurt or Hamburg?

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Too little casualties.

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Also, my culturally mandated anti-colonialism.

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A desert maybe.

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That is just racist against the Sand People.

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@ragingloli I want all Sarlaccs out there destroyed.

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On second thought…anywhere with a big pile of nuclear weapons? Maybe not. Radiation spread.

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If we put more resources into finding these asteroids, than we do fighting each other, it wouldn’t be an issue. There will probably never be an actual nuclear weapons exchange, between any two countries. So the money spent on them, is really a waste. The real threat, could easily come from space, and be just as cataclysmic. Humans have their priorities all wrong. Disease, famine, asteroids etc, are far more likely to kill millions….

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I’ll say Greenland, which is the least populated area on earth. Mongolia is second.

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None. I’m not a monster :)

I just think of the Tunguska event. It was an explosion caused by a meteor that disintegrated before it could make an actual impact. It flattened almost a thousand square miles, but because it occurred in a virtually uninhabited region of Siberia, there were only 3 casualties. Imagine if it had happened in a populated area.

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Belgium, trust me, no one would notice or care.

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A world war was fought over Belgium once…

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Would anyone miss Portugal? I’ve heard it described as Spain’s shitty little cousin—and even that might offend the Spanish.

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Check out the kindergarten history lesson from Hercules Parrot :D

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Surprisingly, I’m in agreement with @ragingloli. sort of. Washington DC comes to mind really quickly. Especially if Congress was in full swing and the SCOTUS and POTUS were there as well.

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But here’s a thought….if it hit Washington DC and killed our federal government, would we really miss them?

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DC is the immediate thought, but it’s just too conveniently simple. The assumption that it all goes away with the elimination of the geographical headquarters and those operatives at the troughs therein ignores the fact that the problems have been engineered to be systemic. The town and individuals are irrelevant to whether or not for example “will the rich get richer and the others get screwed without DC?”

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Mara Lago

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@ragingloli “Sand People.” Lolll!!

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I know that more rats, would simply replace the ones in DC, if it was wiped out. But I wish the entire upper branch of the US, was fucking dead. They sicken me, beyond articulation. Reps, and Dems….

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Salt Lake City, Utah, would be a place for it to hit, too…

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