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Pro-carnivorism versus anti-carnivorism, or is it pro-vegetarianism versus anti-vegetarianism?

Asked by flo (13313points) July 27th, 2019

I saw a site where that was the content. I’m looking for it.
I can only find this now.

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It is pro-murder and anti-murder.

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It is not absolute. Vegetarians are not vegan, omnivores are not carnivores.

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Stick with the regular labels of Vegan, Vegetarian, and non-vegetarian and with animals continue with Omnivore and Carnivore.

Unless they are out there protesting, or writing editorials, or proposing new laws, probably no one is “anti” anything. I am not against Vegetarianism, Veganism, or non-Vegetarianismf

I do not keep Kosher, but I am not anti-Kosher,

Humans are omnivores I think. We, like dogs and other animals, regularly need SOME meat or meat substitute with a good balance of protein. Some animals like cats are carnivores and need to make a kill with every meal. They won’t eat just herbs and grass,

Biologically, humans have carnivore traits, tend to eat like omnivores But we know how to adapt to a meatless diet, It might not have worked for us in the hunter/gatherer stage of our existence in places where there is no edible vegetation in the winter, and meat is needed for warmth and we clothed ourselves with furs anyhow,

Vegans do not believe even in animal products such as milk (any dairy) honey, eggs, etc.
This makes for tougher shopping but there are many stores which do accommodate. The idea is, we don’t have a right to interfere at all with animals.

Vegetarians have no problem with these animal bi-products as long as the animals are treated humanely or in a cage-free environment

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Meat eaters are an absolute must for life to continue on the planet.
If all animals and insects were vegan only, the planet would be, well, Mars. We would eat through the supply faster than replacement could grow.
Omnivores and carnivores keep the number of plant eaters in check.
Who knows? Maybe there were no meat eaters until feeding grounds became so scarce in some places that killing at first was for territories, and evolved into eating the kill.

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Pro-gluttony and anti-gluttony.

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This is political ideology involving food. It does not have to be political, humans are omnivores and the extremes are not natural for us. Eat a variety of food, not too processed, not too much, mostly plants.

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Ok I made an error, it’s pro-omnivorism not pro-carnivorism since humans don’t eat meat only. I see no one is complaining about the term pro whatever.

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Well…then there is pro eating and anti eating.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Thanks for ”...humans are omnivores…”

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