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What is the difference between a kink and a perversion?

Asked by rojo (24118points) 1 month ago

In your opinion.

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A kink is more socially acceptable. A perversion is creepy.

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Societal acceptance.
Ergo, nothing of any substance.
Just like the distinction between a “cult”, and a “religion”.

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Your perversion is my kink.
And vice versa.

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I think a kink is a personal thing and doesn’t hurt anyone, and a perversions hurts others.

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A kink is a behavior that is odd and does not seem to serve any purpose. A perversion goes directly against what is natural.

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Same as with an otter.
One’s weasely wecognised, while the other’s stoatally different.

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Turn around and I’ll show you.

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What have you done this time?

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Kinky is when you use a feather. Perverted is when you use the whole chicken.

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One is a quirk, the other can lead to your arrest.

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A perversion causes psychological distress to the individual. A kink is a preference (in extreme, a necessity) for an item for sexual arousal, such as a body part (i.e. feet) or type of fabric (i.e. leather).

You could simultaneously have the same kink and perversion if it is extreme and causes you psychological distress.

They both fall under the category of paraphilias, or “love beyond the usual”.

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A kink is something that I’m into. If I’m not into it then it is perversion.

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A kink is a small imperfection in a piece of wood, a perversion is when the “wood” enters the kink…imagine the splinters :(

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Some of y’all are scary.

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