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A mischievous God has removed your mouth in its entirety, and you must now choose a non-human mouth to replace it, permanently. What mouth do you choose, and why?

Asked by ragingloli (49131points) August 2nd, 2019

Non-human means, none from the homo genus.

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The gods mouth. So the god gets his cumampants.

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A Tucan of course. Who wouldn’t want a colorful beak.

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Any one with good teeth.

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The kangaroo seems to be better looking in the mouth than a manatee or elephant (animals who regrow teeth, a feature I’d like).

A large feline mouth (e.g. tiger) is really tempting, though.

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Or a saber tooth squirrel… a scrat.

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I would choose to remain mute. I would just learn sign language

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Duck. Big fan of Looney Tunes.

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