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Are danger related businesses allowed to operate without regulation in Bosnia? See detail.

Asked by flo (12904points) August 4th, 2019
-Could it be photo shopped?
-There are kids in there.
-One of the hammocks (the red one) actually is facing sideways (so, it’s on the way to flipping, and the people in it look perfectly relaxed, instead of in terror?) instead of up.

-They’re not wearing anything safety related items, like helmet (although how much help that would be)
-There is no net in case?
-The governments (local or not) allow this business to operate?

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It’s not a business. It’s an extreme sport.

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I’m guessing there aren’t many folks on this site who are well-versed in the particulars of Bosnian law.

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Fake news (photo shop) ...

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No. It’s a real picture.

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