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What would be a good English heavy metal band name?

Asked by rebbel (33253points) August 4th, 2019

One that can compete with, or is better than, the names of current and/or past band names?

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The Monkey’s Armpit.

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The debut album would be Tastes Like Burning.

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Wrought Iron

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I heard of a band called Iron Fire once, I think they were danish. I thought that was hilarious. Let’s take two words that sound metal and put them together, who cares if it makes sense.

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We lose World Cups.

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Blood Forge
Sacred Anvil
Uranium Shakespeare

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If they were given to orchestral interludes involving extensive use of woodwind then Lead Pipe.

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Something to do with the Queen. “Queen” is taken of course.

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1966: England 4 W.Germany 2
“They think it’s all over…it is now!!

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Chick band – Dark Roots
Wacked Tallies
Whirling Dervish
The Help inspired by UCME.

I seem to be stuck on w.
R u kidding, I love the Bloody Hell suggestion.

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