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Do you buy stuff online? If so what things do you buy? What would you not buy online?

Asked by willbrawn (6614points) August 27th, 2008 from iPhone

Why do you buy online when you can go to a local store and pick it up right away?

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(Oh, dear, Will. Expect some snarky answers.) I buy books at Amazon, T shirts, and underwear. That is it.

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I buy most things that aren’t groceries on line (books, clothes, computers, batteries for my DSLR, gifts, etc.) Why? Because I live in a retail black hole, and can’t get these things where I live (Unless, of course I want to “shop” at Walmart or K-Mart. Those are my only options here).

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I rarely buy anything online. If I buy anything, it’s probably something that is older and hard to come by anywhere locally. Like a really old video game I have once purchased online because no one carried it anywhere. I have ordered T-shirts online before, and I have been known to buy a few things here and there at

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I would NEVER buy anything that fits in the “gifts” category.

I do buy software through Internet, and a couple of technology hardware from trusted sources.

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I don’t buy a lot online, but I know my sister does. Most of what she buys actually are gifts (@makemo, out of curiosity why never gifts online?), because you can find a lot of really cool and unique independent artists and designers that may only sell their wares online, or might have flagship stores in cities that we don’t live in. I know I’m always getting a really unique and special gift from her when my birthday rolls around.

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I buy a lot of software online, but mostly that’s downloads. I buy some things such as posters and other collector items from ebay. I sometimes buy computer peripherals and books from

I dislike buying online because the environmental impact of shipping packages is enormous but, as is too often the case, my conscience is beyond my means. Simply stated—buying online is cheaper than buying locally, especially as someone who spends most of his time in a small town with very few stores. I buy locally when I can, but when I’m short on cash, I receive an Amazon gift card, or need something not available in my local stores, I end up on the internet.

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I buy a lot of different things online. I buy my Books, Movies, Oatmeal, and Cookies from Why? B/c doesn’t charge sales tax, the price is always cheaper than I can get it at the local Borders or B&N, and free 2nd Day Shipping. For the food, you can buy it in bulk and it saves me a lot of money, plus they are on a subscription. So I don’t have to remember to re-order. Sometimes my order arrives in one day after I place the order. It also saves the hassle of having to waste gas, etc.

Good Luck!

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I buy lots of things online, however I mostly look for free shipping first.

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