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"Subscribe to Blog" does WHAT exactly? What's "FEED"?

Asked by Mr_M (7621points) August 27th, 2008
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Blogs can generate RSS/Atom feeds. Subscribing to them allows you to receive updates to the blog/source.

Essentially what this means: instead of religiously checking for updates to some Blog (I’ll assume you know what that is), you are notified of updates a short while after they happen. The updates come to you: your are “fed” the information.

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Newsgator offers a number of free RSS Feed Readers for various platforms. Highly recommended.

Most modern web browsers, as well as many email clients, also have the ability to capture RSS feeds for you, but in my opinion, that’s like using a hammer on a screw. They pretty much will get the job done, but I prefer a dedicated tool.

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Yeah, you need a reader to ‘subscribe’ to the feed. It’s sort of like email, in that you get notified about new content on the sites you subscribe to. Check out Rob’s Newsgator suggestions.

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Right now, I’m talking about Fluther’s. What will it do for me? I need a reader? What reader?

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@Mr_M, you might need to word you question better.

Fluther produces RSS feeds for certain pages, like Activity for You and Questions for You and even Your Fluther.

They’re not updated in real-time, though (in my experience).

But, should you choose to subscribe to a feed, then your feed reader of choice would present that to you kinda like a mail box and new content you hadn’t viewed yet would be shown as unread entries.

Hard to explain in great detail. You should simply try downloading a feed reader and try subscribing to something to learn for yourself. Or you can try watching this brief video.

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