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What would happen if heads of particular government agencies just refused to do what Trump said?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44147points) August 14th, 2019

All of the EPA laws that are getting relaxed. Surely the employees, at least some of them, actually care about the environment and endangered species. So what if Trump said, “Lift the ban on hunting eagles,” and the agency said, “Go screw yourself,” what would happen to them?

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He would, if he could (screw himself).

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@rebbel I am sure he has staff for that.

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Fired and replaced by corrupt yes-men and sworn enemies of the respective agencies and their mission.

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I mean, that is what he did.

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They would be fired just like any employee of any business that refused to do what the boss wanted (business-wise) and told him to go screw himself (herself).

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@seawulf He loved firing people on The Apprentice haha, really!

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Yaw’ll must think everyone hates trump as much as you do

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Several State courts, have already overturned LOTS of Trump’s executive orders…. He only has federal power…

He is limited, in some of his power. Although, he doesn’t seem to understand that…

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He may be limited as far as what change he can make to laws, but as someone who appointed the Directors and others high up, he can remove them from their posts

As for the rank and file government employee, if they don’t do what they’re ordered to do, they can be brought up on insubordination, which is a very serious charge. They would probably get fired.

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Yeah. I’m most concerned about Trump’s appointees, to the SCUTUS additions. They could change far worse things, in regards to the way things are run in the US. Especially regarding Roe v Wade. Considering that THEY STOLE Obama’s appointment. They don’t deserve to make an appointment…EVER…

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