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Are universities soon to be redundant?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17131points) August 23rd, 2019

Should most universities be replaced with online videos and libraries? How much money would be saved by putting billions of dollars into online libraries? Also it would eliminate future student loan debt.
Twinned with my previous question. Should power be limited to those who won’t missuse it?.

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Who will consume all of that college town beer? How will young adults ever experience the true life away from their parents? Will they ever leave home??

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@kritiper How will young adults ever experience the true life away from their parents?

Sound like an expensive day camp. I would be grateful not to have that experience. Maybe we can keep some universities open to grandfather in for a bit till society changes.

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@kritiper Anyway with capitalism it would eventually work its way though if it was redundant.

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College can be a great way to learn many things about life. Learning through sitting at home doesn’t teach you any of that. It’s like being home school without any physical interaction at all.

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@anniereborn What are some things that college teaches about life?

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For many people it is a way to learn about being a grown up. Learning your limitations, your abilities and your strengths. To make it in the real world you need to learn how to handle yourself around others. To socialize. To negotiate. So so so many things. It would be hard to list them all. You often make lifelong friends and connections too.

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@anniereborn I’m not sure that I did any of those things. I did most of that in elementary school.
I mostly played counterstrike and magic the gathering waiting for my classes to get interesting in administration classes and liberal arts.

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I mean as an adult. Elementary school doesn’t teach you that. As for college, everyone’s experience is different. A lot of people make connections that help them with career success.

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And miss out on all the gangbang parties and the Illuminati connected secret student connections? Please!
Only the first part was a joke.
It really is all about the connections you make that you will need to get your foot in the door at companies later on. They are like nepotism machines.

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“Are universities soon to be redundant?”


“Should most universities be replaced with online videos and libraries?”


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@RedDeerGuy1 Yeah, someday the world may be like you envision, where actual universities are passé and everyone goes through life with their heads glued to their phones.

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@RedDeerGuy1 There was a time not so long ago when college students learned to use proper table manners as well as other civilized actions through the contacts they had in school. What table utensils to use, and how to hold them. How to treat the opposite sex with courtesy and respect. How to be civil. What personal hygiene was. Stuff like that…

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It certainly doesn’t seem like this is in the horizon given that wealthy people will pay thousands of dollars to cheat the system so their kids will get into increasingly selective top-ranked universities. If this is the future, it’s a long way off.

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