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Would the periodic table of elements be recognizable to aliens?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15049points) 3 weeks ago

Would they look similar because they are built from the same chemical properties ? What are some other things that an alien would relate to?

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Quite possibly.

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Most likely if they posses the same or greater level of technology.

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Let’s put it this way. Any civilization advanced to the point of arriving here would look at that chart and very quickly unravel its significance. They would do so a lot faster than they might acquire the most basic aspects of our languages unless they’ve been picking up those languages from our radio & tv broadcasts. It will be mathematics first, but the periodic table will be the rosetta stone regarding the building blocks of everything.

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I’m sure they would know the chemical compounds, but would they know the words we are using?

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I think they’d get an idea just from the grouping and the colors

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It would indeed be a rosetta stone for them.

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They would understand mathematics, prime numbers—they would probably understand music theory although music might be just another science to them.

If they saw pictures of us from voyager or transmitted via satellite, they might think we don’t wear clothes.

There is no doubt in my mind that we could communicate through a language like Solresol.

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@RedDeerGuy1 What are some other things that an alien would relate to?

Numerically, they’d be fond of the absurd.

Having crossed the eternities of space/time to abduct, then probe their wicked way with unwary earthlings, they’d stop at nothing to find out all about high school chemistry.

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The symbols and names we use for the elements would make no sense, even the symbols we use for numbers would be foreign. They would probably notice it was an organized chart of something. Given the assumption that an alien culture would have technology advanced enough to get here or to receive electronic communications, they would have most likely gotten to an understanding of chemistry and atomic theory. They might start making connections between their own understanding of things and the chart they were looking at.

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An advanced civilization would understand mathematics. We could show them examples of binary arithmetic and they would quickly figure out what we were doing.

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I suppose it depends on the particular rendition of the table. But there are big clues as to its function in such things as the number of elements and if for instance the ones which are not naturally occurring are grouped separately. The context of discovery would matter as well. For example, if they excavated a lab with the table hanging on a wall, or found the table in a chemistry textbook.

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Assuming they decipher our language, assuming they understand the names we give to each element, assuming they perceive color in the same way we do (unlikely, as not even most animals on this planet do), assuming they understand our logic…

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Yes but it would be like trying to figure out a code. Once they compared what they knew to what our periodic table laid out, they would see it for what it was.
Other things they would understand would be mathematics and the laws of physics.

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No, they’re thick as shit & most likely can’t read or decipher even the most basic equations.

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Yeah that’s how they would get here, because they’re stupid. That’s the way it works.

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Exactly. Smart aliens would boot the stupid ones off their planet. Ship them here.

Instead of a wall, Trump would use Space Force.

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You have no fucking idea how they would get here fuckers could be lost in space or violent criminals convicted & sentenced to banishment.

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True but take a convict from a prison today and place him on a planet 200 years behind us technically and that convict could pass himself off as the genius of his age. That’s why I have suspicions about guys like Gauss, Bach, Shakespeare, Galileo, you know the list.

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Nah, they’d be babbling morons crying for theIr mummy’s tit.
Much like yourself during this really rather pointless if amusing debate.

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