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What illegal drug , not weed, has a strange odor that lingers on a person?

Asked by Aster (19407points) 3 weeks ago

My older daughter came to visit me. When I opened the door and she came inside I smelled this odor I had never smelled before. She has been doing various drugs since junior high. I asked what the smell was but she laughed it off. I had her leave the next morning (long story). It was absolutely not alcohol or weed so what was it? Does meth have a lingering odor? She has done meth for many years and I don’t think she slept that night. I want to add that my younger daughter is sober, always has been and wants nothing to do with her big sister. I still love both of them.

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It comes from the poors, kind of a chemical smell imo.

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From the poors? What do you mean? It was a chemical smell and I noticed the bedroom window was open that night. I didn’t smell it again.

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I think @KNOWITALL meant pores. I will tell you that my step daughter was hooked on heroin and I can identify that smell even though I have never done it. But I would imagine any drug that is burned would leave an odor on the person…heroin, crack, pot, meth….any of them will leave an odor.
I wish I had more support for you. I know the pain. And yes, you do still love them.

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@seawulf Sorry, dumb phone did that.

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Flavored Cigars, flavored cigarettes or flavored vaping might smell. Flavored tobacco products are Illegal in different jurisdictions because they encourage young smokers to start smoking.

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Crack, and meth, definitely leave an odor. There are many drugs, that can be smoked. Could be anything. I’m sad to say, that I would probably not let her in my house. If I did, she wouldn’t leave my sight. Jewelry cabinets, are easy pickings, especially. That’s usually where they start. Pocket sized, valuables, and the like, will be the most likely targets. People who are bad off on drugs, usually rob their loved ones first. Because their is so little risk involved…

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@MrGrimm888 it had been at least eight years since she was in my house and having her here one night reminded me why. I won’t get into all she took, some with permission, but rifling through my closets and bringing two dogs with her were just the start of that nightmare. Her so-called “friends” steal too but I continue trying to be civil about it. I take her phone calls so I can live with myself. Thank God she lives five hours from us.

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So sorry this is her life. :(.

Yes, some drugs can smell or even cause people to smell very chemical or vinegarish.

Some mental illness can cause it also. It’s been noted with schizophrenia, depression, and manic-depression that I know of. Not always described as a bad smell depending on the illness, but that the wife, husband, or patent have described a change.

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@Aster . I am afraid that there probably aren’t many people who don’t know, or are closely related to, someone with drug problems. I’m sure that you do the best you can. I won’t go into the details of my family issues with drugs, but suffice to say that I understand what you’re going through. The fact that she’s able to take care of two dogs, should be encouraging. When people hit bottom, they aren’t capable of doing so…

I’m sorry that this has hit so close to you, but you are not alone, in dealing with it.

Good luck.

Peace n love.

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