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If Trump were to act on his retarded idea to nuke the next hurricane, would that lower his chances of reelection?

Asked by ragingloli (45307points) 3 weeks ago

Scattering radioactive material all over the eastern coast.
The majority of the states in that region were voting for him in the last election, after all.
I predict they would still vote for him, this time using their third hand.

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East coast, particularly the northeast (Washington, Philly, NY, Boston) are mostly blue states. So Trump would killing mostly democrats. He would win reelection in a landslide.

Of course he would have destroyed the US economy as part of the process. But…. when you are a megalomaniacal emperor, who cares?

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Florida is a swing state, so I don’t count it red, even though it often winds up red. North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, easily could be heavily effected and also can lean close to the center depending on the election. So, if it is a typical Atlantic storm your idea doesn’t hold. If it’s a Gulf of Mexico storm then you might actually hit the red states hardest.

He’s not going to explode a nuclear bomb in a hurricane. Where did you hear or read that?

Would Trump supporters still vote for him if your scenario actually happened? Yes, they would. Hurricanes are part of the signs of the apocalypse for some of these people, death and destruction. They would blame the scientists for getting it wrong. Scientists told Trump it would work, that’s how it would be spun.

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According to the various maps I have open right now, by coast line alone, the red states make up a majority of the eastern coast, and according to the hurricane map, the red states around and below Florida get hammered by hurricanes the most.

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I live n the east coast & I didn’t vote for trump in 2016 & will NOT vote for him in 2020, so killing us off might be in his plan!!!

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No. After hurricane wind currents tend to move in a Northwesterly direction, so that shouldn’t bother us…

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@ragingloli Florida (the 117 on your map) is a swing state, there is hope that some of the Puerto Ricans who have come into FL will vote for the Democrat, although if the stock market stays up that could really influence a lot of Floridians since many are retired living on interest and dividends and have Medicare. NC (the 51) was practically 50/50 for Obama and not too far from 50/50 for Trump.

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Reports of dangerously high levels of radioactivity and increased rates of cancers and birth deformities across the eastern seaboard would be ascribed to fake news and the biased liberal media. What did Obama do to prevent the homeland being devastated by hurricanes? Of those remaining alive who are able to drag themselves across the radioactive wasteland to makeshift polling stations most will probably still vote for Trump.

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^ Not if I’m one of them!!!

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