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What is some good news for you?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18173points) August 29th, 2019

I will start:
I forgot my smart phone at home today, and I didn’t have a panic attack. It is a big advancement for me.

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My daughter is visiting, and we’re having a good time.

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We get a paid holiday Monday?!
I’m on hurricane watch, fingers crossed I’m not required on the East coast.

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have Nice sex everyday.

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I woke up in a good mood this morning & the day just got better & better!!! :]

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I scored a free set of golf clubs! Not that I needed another set, but this set is newer and has one of those bags with the two legs that pop out when you set the bag down. Nice! And my neighbor gave me a real nice (expensive, he says) putter. Rockin”!

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I’m enjoying “The Good Place” on Netflix.

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Next week’s temperatures will be hovering around a pleasant 20 degrees.

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My daughter passed her driving test first time out.
Proud as punch of my little girl, may even replace our chauffeur, one never knows.

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Just finished a job interview for a next level role, we’ll see if that pans out. I’m starting to get a little bored where I am now.

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@ucme Don’t fire the chauffeur just yet. Wait until she passes her Defensive Driving course.

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