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IN A BIT OF A HURRY - games for kids, anyone? (chess players, also...)

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) August 27th, 2008

I am teaching at a chess camp, and after three days, the children (6 girls, ages 5–8) are really starting to get restless. They know how the pieces move, how to capture, but are very far from learning strategy and checkmating. They even know how to castle and notation.

I need some games, NON-CHESS RELATED (or chess related for that matter) that will waste some time. I HAVE LIMITED MATERIALS! Please help :)

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oh – non-computer related I must add :)

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Physical games like kickball, red rover or even follow the leader would do a good job working off some of that restless energy.

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That peg game where the pegs are shaped like the red cross. you could make that in the ground or in a piece of wood. It really teaches thinking moves ahead

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They have two hours of activity time. I am talking in a classroom where they play chess…but when they get restless, they need to be doing something else. I am just looking to fill time and have some fun.

@Bri L – I’m not sure I completely understand your response. You mean shape the pieces in a cross, and have then move it or rotate it?

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Hmmm, in a classroom. How about an art activity, or card games. You could do Simon Says…you don’t need much room for that, but it’s still a physical activity.

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Interactive games. Like Telephone and memory games. I seem to remember one where if someone shook your hand and scratched your palm, you’d have to wander around for 10 seconds then “die”. Murderer, I think it was called.

Google it. I found some game sites. This one looks good:

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@ jonnyCeltics – sorry about that. the shape the pegs are arranged in is like the red cross with a hole in the middle. I believe each bar is 4 pegs accross. then each time you jump one you remove it. the goal is to have one peg left.

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Dominoes or Mahjong-seriously! Get them a set of double-nines and teach them how to keep score-great for passing the time and team play (2 on 2) without a steep learning curve-low tech!

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capture the flag? still strategy involved but more physically active.

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Snap, simple card game. Ease their minds from concentrating on chess.

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I second “Capture the flag”

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That one’s fun and quick.

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Capture the flag, Hide and Seek, Swimming, Pretty much anything that strategizes.

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